PinkLouLou and American Blogger

I was so excited when our friend Allison from PinkLouLou announced that she was going to be interviewed for the American Blogger documentary. Who better to represent Lexington than a sweet, sassy and gorgeous Kentucky girl like Allison?  Today, she tells us all about the filming experience! -- HCW 

Hello HerKentucky readers! Allison, from PinkLouLou here again, thanks for having me back! I am so excited to tell you all about a really special project that I was so luck to be a part of this past weekend.
About two months ago, I got an email from filmmaker Chris Wiegand {the super cute and talented hubby of Miss Casey Leigh.

Chris is an incredible filmmaker. He won many awards at last year's 168 film festival, and has since started his own production company. His latest project which you can read more about here on Casey's blog, is a documentary on… you guessed it, bloggers!!

To say I was humbled when asked to be a part of this, is an understatement. I was completely touched that somehow, little me was asked to be part of something so big. Chris is currently traveling the country filming and documenting stories of various bloggers along the way.
This is from Chris, explaining a little more about his vision:
What started this whole film idea for me was how my wife loves to blog/instagram so much and she is always meeting new people and, in most cases, really (sincerely) connecting with people around the country (and world). I was really more interested to dig deeper into all this blogging/instagram/twittter world and one, help people understand how cool it is to have an area on the internet that is all yours. And two, I hope to sort-of take a visual snapshot of this time in history when all these instagrammers/bloggers are able to put something out there into the world and really shape culture (in a positive way). An example of a visual element (besides the interviews and actual stories) - Imagine a woman sitting in a skyscraper apartment in NY and she reaches in her pocket and grabs a phone, takes a pic of the city below and uploads it. Then imaging another, sitting on a porch  looking at the mountains, grabs their phone, takes a pic, and uploads it. This is so visually beautiful because they are both doing the exact same thing from two completely different worlds and perspectives. I think this is important to show the differences and similarities!!! I truly think this will be a emotional movie as well as a big hit.
Oh yeah, and Chris is traveling around in THIS.

How cool is that?? He renovated this 70s airstream and has been packing it all over America. It was so surreal to see it this past weekend in front of MY house!!

When I found out Chris was coming to Lexington, I was eager to plan the perfect weekend to show him a little more about this little town that I love so much.
Along with his gorgeous and talented wife, Chris also has three little angel babies. So of course I had to get them all a little something from Kentucky! Hope the kiddos like their little horses!!
I had a glass of wine before he got here. I was a little nervous. HA! But the moment I met him I realized that I had nothing to be nervous about, he is so cool and laid back-it was just like talking to someone you have known forever!
Apparently I really thought we needed some fresh flowers in the house, because I put some everywhere, lol. And I have now decided they shall stay always. ;)

 (my cute little momma came over in her pink skinnies!)
Here are some behind the scenes shots of filming in my home.

I also took him out to Keeneland to give him a really good dose of what Kentucky is all about. We drove back through the horse farms, etc., and it was really cool seeing his reaction to all of the things that we Lexington natives take for granted. 

After seeing some of Lexington, some of my girlfriends and I took Chris downtown for dinner, and on the way to the restaurant we saw this double rainbow. It was honestly one of the coolest things I have ever seen... it was huge! I had never seen one like it. It feels like it has been raining in Lexington for weeks, so to see the sun, and this beautiful rainbow, was just breathtaking. And luckily we had this awesome photographer guy to capture it ;)
AND, to put the icing on the cake to a fabulous weekend,Sunday morning we went on WKYT to promote American Blogger! I am so happy that it worked out, and that Chris got to have such a cool opportunity and experience!

You can watch the interview;here!

I am just so overwhelmed, and so honored to have been asked to be a a small part of this big adventure. So so humbled and blessed! Chris is honestly one of the most genuine and interesting people I have ever met, and I am so lucky to have met him, and to have gotten to know his family a little bit more. He is super determined, and I cannot wait to see where American Blogger takes him. So happy and thankful to have been even a teeny tiny part of it. Thank you Chris for allowing me to show you a bit of Lexington, and my life here.

Hope you all enjoyed my little portion of the American Blogger story. Make sure you follow along with Chris (@chriswiegand) and Casey (@caseyleighwiegand) on instagram to keep up with the journey and the other amazing ladies he is profiling. I'll be sure to keep you posted on when/where/how this film will be available.