Summer Barbecue

Summer Barbecue

Recently, my best friend Jessica got married in Paducah, KY and had a beautiful summer barbecue as her rehearsal dinner. The food was delicious, the company was divine and a wonderful time was had by all. In the weeks prior to the BBQ, I received several queries about what to wear, so I styled a few outfits that would be worthy of this summer soiree! I have also included some simple tips to remember when you embark on your own outfit planning. 

  1. Always consider the venue when choosing shoes. Our barbecue was outside so we strayed away from heels and chose wedges/flats. 
  2. Consider the weather and dress accordingly. 
  3. Choose articles of clothing that fit properly to ensure maximum comfort. 
  4. Have fun! Life was not meant for boring outfits!

I am in love with all three outfits and wish I could go to the barbecue all over again! All items above are still available and links are below. Happy Shopping!

Sleeve dress

People Tree coral dress
$28 -

Old Navy white tee

Wallis navy wedge heels

Betsey Johnson starfish charm

Leaf necklace
$25 -

Chloé gold jewelry

Henri Bendel beaded jewelry

DV by Dolce Vita Dania