I heart Kentucky

I love Kentucky. I am not originally from Kentucky and may have hemmed and hawed when we moved to Paducah, Kentucky my freshman year of high school but when people ask where I am from, I proudly say Kentucky.

A few weeks ago, I was in Lexington and I locked myself out of my friend’s house as I was packing up my car to go to Louisville. I only had my car key and my car.  So after about 10 minutes of panic, I got into my car and found the nearest establishment to see if I could use their phone.  I pulled into Rose and Jim’s, a biker bar off of Georgetown Road, and was met with southern hospitality. They let me use their phone, patrons bought me beers and I met my freshman year roommate’s high school teacher.  Their kindness really turned a terrible experience into one I will never forget.  

One of my new friends from work decided to go to the University of Kentucky for undergraduate on a whim and will be leaving for Lexington in two short weeks. I was so excited when I heard this and told her to read up on the rules of basketball!  She inquired about Kentucky because she has not been to Lexington yet and I talked her ear off. I told her that I have never met a state that is more beautiful and if there is a state that has more state pride, I have never found it.  I told her about the story above and her jaw was on the floor.  I told her about Keeneland and tailgating. I told her about Ramsey’s and Cheapside. I also told her to check out HerKentucky…the premier source for all things Kentucky!

I am putting together a Lexington guide for my new friend but I have not lived in Lexington for over 10 years. I am using HerKentucky as my main resource for all things awesome in Lexington, but wanted to know what is your favorite new thing in Lexington? What should I recommend?

Thanks for your help y’all! I really appreciate it!