Sumptuous Southern Supper for Franklin County Women's Shelter

If you find yourself in the Commonwealth's capital city next Monday evening, please consider stopping by the First United Methodist Church at 211 Washington Street for the Sumptuous Southern Supper, benefiting the Franklin County Women's Shelter. 
Hosted by a group called the Brainy Bodacious Women, the dinner will feature pulled pork and chicken from Staxx's BBQ, rolls from O'Charley's, green beans from Melanie's Cafe, and dessert from Red Head Custom Cakes.  Each meal includes tea, lemonade or water. The $20 meal is sit-down or carry-out, and benefits the programs and services provided by the Shelter.

In 2012, the Franklin County Women's Shelter completed 503 Intakes, representing 967 adults and children. 59 women and children lived at the Shelter in the TLC program, while 50 women and children lived at the Shelter  in the Emergency Shelter Program. That's a lot of assistance for an area as small as Franklin.County, y'all. Warmth and safety are basic rights we often take for granted, but there are so many women right here in the Commonwealth who desperately seek them for themselves and their kids. 
If you'll be in Frankfort next week, please have some great barbecue for a great cause. If not, please consider donating your time and resources to your local women's shelter. Your morning latte budget or the shampoos you took home from your last hotel stay could help someone have a far better day. 
To make reservations or to learn more about the Sumptuous Southern Supper, call 502-352-2843 or email