Oh hey... I used to read this blog called HerKentucky. It was a bunch of women in  Kentucky telling their stories and sharing their favorite places and things about the Bluegrass State... It was a great site, but then, it went away for two whole days. In Internet time, that's like a lifetime...

Thanks to Glenda for this. Makes me laugh every time!
Things have been crazy with the HerKentucky staff lately. As you've read lately, Shannon, Allie, and Cristina sent their kids off to school. But that isn't all. Emily is bouncing back from ankle surgery -- and doing it fashionably. Erin is moving across the country. Liz moved from  And I am in the midst of a big move of my own.

Transitions are hard. We often dread them. We fight them or embrace them. But they arise no matter how we approach them. For me, it's been a weird feeling to move back to a town where I lived a few years ago. I've expected everything to be exactly where I left it, as though I were home for the weekend from college. I expected to eat at the same restaurants, live in the same neighborhood, and join the same clubs. But, you know, life doesn't work that way. My beau and I are several years older than we were when we left (funny how time does that to us all...) and Louisville, like any city, has changed a little as well. Some restaurants are as great as we remembered, and others just aren't. We're looking for different features in neighborhoods. And, I've found a cool new charity organization with which I'll be volunteering. It's a lot of change, but I'm realizing that most of these are changes that would have happened if I'd remained in the same city. Nobody stays the same for six years, right?

We'd love to hear about any transitions y'all are experiencing. How are you handling them -- with trepidation, excitement, or a mixture of both?