Happy Birthday, HerKentucky!!

One day, back in August 2011, I was sitting by the pool, trying to make a tight deadline. Instead of focusing on the article I needed to finish, though, I started thinking about my girlfriends. Specifically, I thought of my Kentucky girlfriends. They're an accomplished group of women -- doctors and lawyers and teachers and business women. They balance careers and families and still find time to help others and look good. They hail from every corner of the Commonwealth. And they're not afraid to share their opinions.

Pretty soon, I was emailing a group of friends and acquaintances -- women whom I knew from school, work, and social settings. I asked them all a question that people either love or hate:

"What if we started a blog that tells our stories?"

As we began brainstorming ways to tell our experiences with the Bluegrass State, I had only one request: Everything can't be "lovely"; in fact, that kind of preciousness is what we should avoid. Instead, let's tell sincere stories that allow our love for Kentucky to shine through. I knew we were in for an interesting ride as we started discussing design. As we talked about possible headers, the suggestion of an equestrian motif came up. Sarah quickly noted that horses and equestrian life are really only a Bluegrass region thing; they don't symbolize every corner of the state. It was the first of many times that a HerKentucky writer reminded me that there isn't one unique Kentucky experience. 

Over the past two years, the HerKentucky writers have used this site to provide interesting insights into their own Kentucky experiences. We've heard of small-town restaurants and festivals as well as life in Kentucky's biggest cities. We've talked sports, colleges, and current events. We've picked up new writers, while others have gone on to other opportunities. And we've created a site that makes me very, very proud.

I feel fortunate to count the HerKentucky writing team among my dearest friends. The hard work they've put into the site can be seen in every post, and the stories they share are simply priceless. I am so glad that I put off writing an article two years ago; it made the deadline tough, but it was one of the best decisions I ever made.

Happy 2nd Birthday, HerKentucky! Thanks to all of our writers and friends who have encouraged the site. Most of all, thanks to all of our readers who've stuck around to hear our Kentucky stories!