I love birthdays. I love every single thing about them. I love the chance to celebrate something both ordinary and special - the passing of another year. I love parties. I love gathering for one common cause. I love getting dressed up. I love themes. I love singing to someone. I love cake. I LOVE presents. 


So, here we are celebrating HerKentucky's second birthday by getting (virtually) dressed up and giving away presents and I can't help but get a little misty eyed and reminiscent as I do on all birthdays.

It seems like only yesterday I got an email from Heather entitled "An idea (or about 40% of one...)".
Hey ladies--
Last week, while I was writing (well, I was swimming and avoiding a deadline, but that's beside the point...), I was hit with an idea. 
Y'all are among my very favorite bloggers/ writers. And y'all love our home state as much as I do. How would you feel about taking part in a blog project?

What I'm envisioning is a site for and about Kentucky women bloggers (natives, expats, or transplants...), on which we could blog as little or as often as we like. ... In the loosest sense, we'd be blogging about Kentucky and Southern life, but mainly just about our experiences. You could write about the topics you currently blog, or use the space for a totally different dialogue.

So, what do you think? Do you have suggestions for other participants? Ideas for a title?
There you have it. The birth of HerKentucky.

We all responded with a resounding "YES!" and the rest was history herstory.

I share all that to say. We all love HerKentucky and we have all been instrumental to its success in our own special way. But... on birthdays, you celebrate the mamma as much as the baby and the mamma of HerKentucky is Heather.

Thank you, Heather. Thank you for having this fantastic idea. Thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for organizing and editing and promoting week after week and making HerKentucky the glorious testament to the Bluegrass State that it is.

Have some cake, girl. You've earned it!

~ Sarah Stewart Holland