JV Clothiers Giveaway!

Calling all parents of boys! Every time I see a children's clothing store, I sigh a little as I look at all the adorable girls' clothing, and then I trudge on over to Dick's Sporting Goods to buy more Under Armour for my boys. Sound familiar? Well, the fine folks at JV Clothiers have caught on and are creating some truly fine apparel for our boys to sport on game day (or any other day, as demonstrated below)! They make fantastic polo shirts, shorts, and belts, and they were kind enough to send some to Will. He looks a little extra cute in these, I think. Here's a peek into our morning:

Well, it isn't exactly breakfast at Ramsey's, but...
...OH! Hi there, Mom! How are you doing? No, no.
I said, "These clothes make me look so fancy."

Stylin', profilin', and repping the Cats in ACC Country

Check out the little details that make these clothes so perfect!

Time to break out the UK flag, Mom!

Too big for the stroller. Gotta go greet my fans!

Time to intimidate all opponents with my impeccable style.

Did you know that...

...seeing your gear will have your friends making 3 goggles?

Or that...

...every girl's crazy about a sharp dressed (pint-sized) man?

Will had an exciting day decked out in his JV Clothiers duds! I am pleased to report that the quality of these clothes will not disappoint, as each piece held up to Will the Busy Boy's climbing, rolling, and dirt tests.  I love knowing that I can dress my kids in such adorable UK clothes and will certainly be placing a matching order for Will's older brothers!

SEC fans, you will definitely want to check out our drawing. And what luck for all my local friends who love UNC or NC State, as you will find your teams on the roster also. Want to win some JV Clothiers gear for one of your own boys? Enter our giveaway below. Good luck!