The Belle of Louisville

The other day, we took a ride on the Belle of Louisville as part of my beau's office event.

I hadn't taken the Belle cruise since high school, and it turned out to be way more fun than I remembered. (Perhaps the enhanced beverage selection played a role in this determination...) Nonetheless, it was a beautiful night for the trip. 

The Kentucky flag.

Now, I'm not exactly sure what makes a boat a "Mississippi River-style steamboat", but the Belle is the oldest operating one in the world.

Designed in 1914 as a ferry, the Belle is a distinctive feature of Louisville's riverfront.

After stops in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati, the Belle was purchased at auction by the Louisville Metro Government in 1962, then underwent a massive rebuilding process.

Louisville's  skyline

In addition to the events, tours, and cruises that the Belle offers, the boat also takes part in Steamboat races, especially around Derby.

If you haven't been on the Belle in a while, it really is more fun than you recall. The views of Louisville are absolutely stunning, and it's just a fun little glimpse of the past!

The Belle of Louisville celebrates her 100th birthday next October. Visit Belle's 100 for information about the special birthday events!