When you're a blogger, you get some really interesting emails from time to time. There's outright spam, weird promotions and some genuinely odd press releases. A week or two ago, I received an email from  a PR firm suggesting that HerKentucky readers would be interested in learning more about Movember.

I have to say, my gut reaction was "Isn't that when guys don't shave for a month? I mean, it works for a few men, but it mainly just seems like an excuse to pull out the Thanksgiving pants, Joey Tribbiani- style."

Then, I thought that it could be a fun piece to hear whether y'all like clean-shaven or scruffy guys. 

Solely for the purpose of research, of course, we'd have to include some photos of our favorite Kentucky-born actors, like Johnny Depp, Josh Hopkins, and George Clooney. Just, you know, for illustration's sake. 

As I started to read a little more about Movember, I learned that I could not have been more wrong. The movement serves to draw awareness to and raise funds for men's health issues, including mental health and male reproductive cancers. It hit home. A few Novembers ago, a close relative began treatment for prostate cancer. It was a scary time, and we could not have been more blessed with the outcome. But, that was a combination of good fortune and good medical care. It doesn't always work that way. 

Enjoy the photos of George, Josh, and Johnny for a moment, then make sure the men in your life are receiving the medical screenings they need. Trust me when I say that early detection and aggressive treatment are the keys to survival. Consider a donation to the Movember movement, even if you can't handle a mustachioed holiday season...

Are the men in your life celebrating Movember this year?