Kentucky Olympian Dallas Robinson

At my house, we've been glued to the Winter Olympics for the past couple of weeks. It seems the TV (and the DVR) keeps finding its way back to Sochi. As is the case every fourth winter, my beau is all wrapped up in curling. We've both watched biathlon with the opinion that it simply looks like the most fun sport ever. And, like most of America, I've been charmed by the amazing commentary (and fashion choices) of Tara Lipinski and Johnny Weir. But, the real story of the Olympics, at least at my house, has been Dallas Robinson, Kentucky's own Olympian.

Now, I've been a sports fan my whole life. I grew up around hard-core sports fan guys. My dad, my brother, my cousins, and, later, my beau all taught me that sports stars aren't heroes. That quote from Charles Barkley about not being a role model has been tossed around my dinner table more times than I can recall. But, you know, I've had the opportunity to talk with Dallas a little through the magic of social media. I've read a lot about his journey to Sochi. And he IS a hero.

Dallas Robinson is a soldier and an athlete who has worked toward the ultimate goal of Olympic competition for years. He quit a lucrative sales job to train. He's been a coach and mentor to young athletes across Central Kentucky and is currently Assistant Track Coach at Georgetown College.  He blogs from Olympic Village with a message of tolerance and humility. And, he stays true to his faith, constantly reminding us of his belief that God is first, we are second. 

Here at HerKentucky, our motto is "Follow Your Dreams."  We couldn't be more humbled or more proud to hear of this Kentuckian who has pushed so hard to follow his dreams of Olympic greatness.

This morning, in Day 2 of the Two Man Bobsled event, we'll be cheering for all the US teams, but especially for USA-3, the combo of Dallas and Nick Cunningham. It's great to know that there really are still heroes out there!

You can follow Dallas on Twitter at @DRobUSA