Stock the House Divided with Louisville Stoneware!

I've always wondered how those "House Divided" people do it.

via Etsy seller Sporting Standouts
I mean, if my beau and I had different team allegiances, we'd just have to watch basketball and football in different rooms of the house. Or maybe in different houses. But, I've always wondered about how you stock a house in enough team gear for two. I mean, we have Kentucky Wildcats Tervis Tumblers and UK serving platters and homemade quilts. And then there's the shirts -- oh the shirts. It's nothing this time of year for us to have a full laundry load of Kentucky blue every week.

My grandma made this. Sweet, isn't it?
But, if you live in a "House Divided", do you try to keep an even supply of fan gear? Is it one Cardinal Red wreath for every Kentucky blue flag? Do buy duplicates in both fan colors? The mind reels. It could easily be a pricey scenario to have split loyalties.

Our friends at Louisville Stoneware asked us to let y'all know about a fun promotion they're running in-store this week for all Cats and Cards fans. All in-stock, regularly priced UK and U of L merchandise is 20% off. It's a great deal, and a great way to stock up on gorgeous pieces like that Chip and Dip platter I love.

We'd love to hear from y'all: Do you live in a "House Divided"? How do you decorate it?