What to wear during March Madness!

Like any Kentucky girl, I love college basketball and I especially love March Madness. I love the excitement, the team rivalries and the fact that I get to use my chip and dip at all of my March Madness parties. While I love rooting for my favorite teams in Blue and Red, I am not the biggest fan of wearing the common fan attire. T-shirts are not flattering on anyone, but I fully believe that you can be a super fan even if you do not don a super fan t-shirt. Here are some tips for supporting your team in style!

1. Flatter yourself! Look for flattering articles of clothing in your team's signature colors. While I am sure that everyone has blush and bashful in their arsenal, I know that I have very few real articles of clothing that are Cardinal red and Wildcat blue. So each year, I go shopping for current and flattering silhouettes that scream my team allegiance to the roof tops! One of my favorite outfits to wear when I am cheering for the boys in blue is a blue and white polka dot dress from Old Navy. There is no doubt that I support UK and I look great whilst doing it! I purchased that dress a few seasons ago and was not able to find it, but I stumbled upon these super cute striped dresses. This dress is only offered in two colorways and they just happen to match UK and U of L! Maybe the designer is from Kentucky?

 These dresses are full of team spirit! You can purchase them here.

2. Colorful Bottoms- Lucky for us, colored pants are in this season and they just happen to be featured in our two favorite colors. Top it with a chambray shirt and a statement necklace and you are ready to support your team in comfort and style!

                  Get this blue and green beauty here.           Get this made for UK necklace here.

 You can pick up this chambray shirt here.

UK blue pants!

I love the nod of Cardinal red in this necklace.

You can pick up this chambray shirt here.

Show your U of L pride with these fancy pants.

3. Accessorize! - Everyone I know has a plain white button up that flatters them. I love the idea of topping it with your favorite strand of pearls adorned with a ribbon in your team's colors. You could also jazz it up by adding a colorful team themed scarf.

 Southern girls wear pearls. Even to basketball games!

 How cute is this scarf? It's from Etsy!

U of L fans are on Etsy too! Love this scarf!

Great! Now I need to do some serious shopping before Thursday and Friday. Don't forget to match your cocktail to your outfit! Good luck to both of our Kentucky teams!