Off Broadway Shoes Derby Hat Trunk Show

I was so excited to join Off Broadway Shoes for their Derby Hat Trunk Show last Saturday.

I always thought of Off Broadway as "The Place We Go To Look For Bob's Dress Shoes"; I had no idea they would have such an awesome selection of Kentucky Derby Hats!

Hat designer Carole Amper was on hand to help customers create the perfect hat for their Derby Ensembles. Now, as a Kentucky Girl, I've always thought that I was "just born knowing" how to add feathers, flowers, and embellishments to make a hat perfect. And, while I may be good at it, Carole was spectacular. She just had a gift for adding a little pop of coral or navy to set off a hat buyer's eye color or pick up the right tone in her dress.
Carole Amper adds the perfect touch to one of her hats.
It was really fantastic to see all the squeals of glee when these ladies realized that they had found the perfect hat for the occasion. The right hat makes you feel special and pretty and unique; isn't that what Derby is all about?

It was fun to see the silent auction hats on prominent display, as well. The hat I made looked so much better on a proper mannequin than it did on my dining room table! 

If you follow HerKentucky on Instagram (and, let's face it, you should), you know that I simply fell in love with this hat at the event. It was so gorgeous! (They also had it in turquoise, aqua, and purple, for those of y'all who love cool/water tones.)

I couldn't help but try it on. Isn't it perfect?

Thanks so much to Off Broadway Shoes for inviting me to their Trunk Show! If any of y'all are still looking for a hat, I suggest running out to their store at 4600 Shelbyville Road, Suite 201 for a fantastic selection!

{Photos 1-6 courtesy Off Broadway Shoes. Photos 7-8, in their grainy iPhone glory, are my own. I was a host for the Off Broadway Shoes event, but did not receive any compensation for this post.}