Chef Maria's Greek Deli

"I'll have a gy-ro," a patron requests.
"We don't have that. You can have a yeer-o. In Greek, our 'g' is pronounced like a y," Chef Maria Bell proclaims.

With that exchange, I knew I'd found my new favorite neighborhood deli. Anyone with standards that exacting is bound to create some amazing food.  

Let me tell y'all, she didn't disappoint.

The lamb gyro meat was insanely fresh and flavorful without the greasy texture so often associated with that dish. The feta cheese was salty and mellow and perfectly seasoned. And the tzatziki? Well, it was good enough to eat with a spoon.

Zorba the Greek pita. Amazing.
As we awaited our food, Chef Maria painted an enchanting verbal picture of Greece -- "The air smells like the ocean" -- and showed us all the take-away delicacies her deli offers. My beau and I walked away with plans to visit often, and possibly book a trip to Greece soon.

It's good to see that some folks still want to do things perfectly.

Chef Maria's Greek Deli is located at 102 Fairfax Avenue in Louisville's St Matthews neighborhood. You can order online here and sign up for cooking classes here.