HerKentucky Memorial Day Weekend Happenings

Hey y'all! I hope you're gearing up for a fun Memorial Day weekend! Here are a few of the celebrations and events going on across the Commonwealth over the holiday.

Good Causes
Love Wiener Dogs? Well, of course you do! Tomorrow, at Lexington's Masterson Station Park,you can celebrate the Dachshund at the Kentucky Dachshund Derby!


The Run Hog Wild 7K Trail Run will be held in Pikeville to benefit the Shriners' Hillbilly Christmas. Run through the beautiful mountains of Eastern Kentucky,then enjoy pulled pork barbecue at the finish line!

If distance running is your thing, Owensboro is hosting a Memorial Day Half Marathon. Head out to cheer on the runners -- I can assure you that your cheers push them on!


It's a great time to stock up for summer, and sales will be held on everything from cookout fixin's to new cars. One sale that caught my eye, though, is this deal from Louisville Stoneware. Receive 10% off online orders of their classic Bachelor Button pattern! 


Louisville is the place to be for outdoor music this weekend!

Beatles fans can enjoy many tribute bands, and the real live Beach Boys at Abbey Road on the River,

while the Kentucky Reggae Festival offers a summertime vibe at the Water Tower Park.


And then, there's the real reason for Memorial Day. Henderson celebrates the holiday with an annual tribute to lost Veterans.

How are y'all spending your holiday weekends?
Want to keep up with the Commonwealth's latest events?