HerKentucky 2014 Summer Fun List: Paducah Edition

Summer is here, y'all, and Kentucky has so much fun to offer! We've found the best ways to have fun in cities and regions across the Commonwealth, and we're thrilled to share them with you!

Click here to download our 2014 Summer Fun List for Paducah

. Print it out, check off the fun events you experience, and have a great summer! 

Paducah has much to offer when the sun starts shining and the temperatures rise. So, if you live in the western part of the state, add some of these items to things you MUST do before fall begins her (rapid) approach!

Fireworks over the Ohio River

Saturday night on Paducah Main Street

Story time (for kids) or Evening Hour (for adults) at McCracken County Fair

Paducah's Downtown Farmers Market

That can be just the beginning of summer fun. If you're willing to go beyond the Paducah area, there are summer adventures all over Western Kentucky from Mammoth Cave to Bubbleland. So, get out there and enjoy Western Kentucky sunshine!

~ Sarah Stewart Holland