HerKentucky has #HopeforKatherineBelle!

Do you ever find yourself at a complete loss for words?

Let me tell you, that's a weird feeling for a writer. And yet, when HerKentucky writer and photographer Glenda McCoy told us last week that her daughter is facing an unimaginable diagnosis, there haven't seemed to be the proper words to convey to Glenda and her family how very much we all care and how much love and support we're sending in their direction.

As longtime HerKentucky fans know, Glenda is an amazing photographer and has documented Katherine Belle's journey though an amazing series of photographs. She has asked that as many folks as possible take photos of themselves holding a #HopeforKatherineBelle sign, or create any other photo expressing this message of hope. She, David, and Katherine Belle are finding amazing strength in these images. I hope y'all will post photos to the Hope for Katherine Belle Facebook page, include the hashtag #hopeforkatherinebelle on twitter, instagram, or Facebook, or you can email me at heather@herkentucky.com, and I'll make sure Glenda and KB get them!

You can learn more about Katherine Belle's journey on Hope for Katherine Belle.

My "babies" have Hope for Katherine Belle!