HerKentucky's Search for the Perfect Scoop: Graeter's

July is National Ice Cream Month. Here at HerKentucky, we're taking the opportunity to share (and sample!) our favorite ice creams with y'all!

Of course, we couldn't go searching for the perfect scoop without a stop at Graeter's.

Graeter's on Breckinridge Lane in Louisville's St. Matthews Neighborhood

Graeter's is, of course, a Cincinnati-based company which dates back to 1870. Their first franchised store opened in Kentucky in 1984, and Kentuckians have been obsessed with the creamy, French Pot-style ice cream ever since. (Ashley Judd and George Clooney are well-known fans!)

It just isn't summer for me until Graeter's releases their limited-edition peach ice cream. It's just the most amazingly soft and creamy scoop you'll ever enjoy, and the peaches are always so fresh.  I also get pretty excited when Thanksgiving rolls around, and they release their incredible cinnamon pints. In fact, I've never had any Graeter's ice cream that was less than spectacular. I even once tried a pumpkin scoop, expecting it to be weird, and found that I  even loved it!

This import from across the Ohio River, with its creamy finish and ultra-fresh flavors, definitely lands a spot on my list of the perfect scoops.

What's your favorite summer scoop?