I Wish I Were In Lexington Weekend

Packing checklist for a trip to Lexington, KY for Keeneland and Kentucky Wildcats games!

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The HerKentucky Guide to the Best New Kentucky Wildcats Swag

Get. Excited. Y'all.

Kentucky Wildcats Swag | Herkentucky.com

Tonight is the first game of the Kentucky Wildcats' Basketball Season, and there's literally nothing I'd rather do than watch my 'Cats take on the Grand Canyon Antelopes tonight. It looks like it's going to be a seriously amazing season for basketball fans, and game time can't get here soon enough for me!

I'm sure y'all are like me -- you have plenty of team gear at home, but you're always on the lookout for something cute and new. I mean, you aren't really a Wildcats fan unless your weekly laundry includes one load of nothing but Kentucky blue, right?

Right. And, everybody knows there are three ways to watch the game: At home, at Rupp, or with friends. Here are some of my favorite items for repping the 'Cats in any setting.

At the Game

Of course, the best way to watch is at Rupp Arena. There are so many fun ways to wear team colors to the game -- from traditional sweatshirts to office attire for your beau. I'm just in love with those blue Hunter wellies; what a fun way to brave the elements!

At home

If you can't watch the game in person, it's always fun to watch from the couch. There's plenty of bourbon or hot chocolate, and you can wear your pajamas. And scream as loudly as you like. I NEED those fuzzy socks ASAP.

Out with friends

Stay warm and look pulled-together with on-trend boyfriend jeans and booties topped off with a signature blue coat. A fun UK logo accessory ties it all together.

Where do y'all watch the games?