Mark Twain and Lincoln

I have the privilege to work in our beautiful State Capitol building in Frankfort and walk by this statue of Abraham Lincoln each day.  Whenever I find myself in the presence of this great Kentuckian who takes center stage in the Capitol Rotunda, I cannot help but agree with Mark Twain.  Yes, indeed, Lincoln "belonged just where he was put." 

Oscar Night

The 85th Academy Awards are only three days away. Do you love the Oscars as much as I do?

I love movies, even if I don't always run to the theater on opening day or stand in long lines for midnight showings. There's just something about movies. I love the escape that some of them offer, I love the look into a different life that others showcase.

This year, I decided that I was determined to see all the Best Picture nominees before Oscar night, so I could root on my favorites. Last weekend, I attended the first day of the The Best Picture Showcase at the AMC theater at Newport on the Levee in Northern Kentucky.

Four films. One day. Lots of popcorn.

My husband and I watched Amour, Les Miserables, Argo (produced by our favorite Kentucky man, George Clooney) and Django Unchained. Our favorite was Les Miserables, something neither of us expected.

This Saturday, I'll go to the theater, again, to see the remaining five films - Life of Pi, Silver Linings Playbook (featuring KY's own homegirl, Jennifer Lawrence), Lincoln (I think we know the KY connection there), Zero Dark Thirty and Beasts of the Southern Wild.

That will prepare me for Oscar night. I'll be watching (and probably live-tweeting reactions to) the Red Carpet specials and the awards show. I love the glitz and the glam - knowing I'd never want to actually do that! I'd rather watch from home in my favorite UK flannel pajama pants.

What will you be doing for Oscar night?

Sarah's 20 Things

  1. Patti's Boat Sinker Pie 
  2. The Judds
  3. Wide open Western Kentucky sky
  4. The Kentucky Derby
  5. Kentucky Lake
  6. Leigh's Barbecue
  7. Old Morrison
  8. bell hooks
  9. Bluegrass music
  10. Abraham Lincoln
  11. Transylvania University
  12. Kern's Kitchen Derby Pie...and the fact that they serve it in the cafeteria at Transy.
  13. Loretta Lynn 
  14. Blue Moon of sung by just about anyone.
  15. Barbara Kingsolver
  16. The Appalachian Mountains
  17. Wendell Berry
  18. Paducah
  19. Grater's ice cream
  20. Kentuckians
~ Sarah Stewart Holland

In Photos: Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace

First, let's clear something up. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky - making Kentucky the Land of Lincoln. So, no matter what other states might say (Illinois) we gave Abraham Lincoln to the world.

I am a bit of an Abraham Lincoln fanatic. However, despite my obsession, I had somehow managed to go my entire life without visiting his birthplace. I had passed it a thousand times on my way between Paducah and Lexington but had just never stopped.

Of course, nothing motivates a Type A personality like myself quite like a To Do List - so I finally made a visit last Spring. It is a beautiful place, but the historical significance of a "similar" cabin enshrined in a big ole temple leaves a bit to be desired...I don't want to hear it, Illinois.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland