A Caney Creek Christmas Tree: Alice Lloyd College Ornaments

Alice Lloyd College is a very special place for my family. The College has been a part of my family for generations. So many of my relatives can thank ALC for their education and their career path. It's truly an amazing, one-of-a-kind school.

Every year, ALC sends little presents out to all its alumni. These gifts are  work-study projects for ALC students. These ornaments are some of the "Caney presents" we've collected over the years. The ornaments are actually marked with name, class, and major of the student who made them. What a wonderful reminder that, after all these years, Alice Lloyd College is carrying out the mission of the great lady who founded the school!

In Photos: Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace

First, let's clear something up. Abraham Lincoln was born in Kentucky - making Kentucky the Land of Lincoln. So, no matter what other states might say (Illinois) we gave Abraham Lincoln to the world.

I am a bit of an Abraham Lincoln fanatic. However, despite my obsession, I had somehow managed to go my entire life without visiting his birthplace. I had passed it a thousand times on my way between Paducah and Lexington but had just never stopped.

Of course, nothing motivates a Type A personality like myself quite like a To Do List - so I finally made a visit last Spring. It is a beautiful place, but the historical significance of a "similar" cabin enshrined in a big ole temple leaves a bit to be desired...I don't want to hear it, Illinois.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland