Celebrating Derby Days at the Kentucky Derby Festival Chow Wagon.

This weekend, my beau and I took our littlest dog down to Louisville's Waterfront Park to visit the Chow Wagons.
All Kentucky'ed out -- Bluegrass Tee by Old Try; KY Necklace by Southern Belle Glitz; Derby Festival Pegasus Pin.

The Chow Wagons are part of Fest-a-Ville, a week-long carnival of music, food, and fun associated with the Kentucky Derby Festival. Admission is free with your Pegasus Pin.

You can purchase tickets for food and drink. 

And, of course, there are awesome carnival prizes!

We managed to pass up the beer and funnel cake tents, but these gyros were pretty awesome.

It was a perfect day to celebrate the Derby City before the madness of Race Day sets in.

Have you taken in any of the Kentucky Derby Festival events this year?

Kentucky Inspires Me

A few weeks ago, I was reading a fun fashion blog -- Glitter and Gingham -- that's run by a Lexington expat. She'd built an outfit around a fun Kentucky t-shirt, and she started the post out by saying "I have a theory that every Kentuckian is obsessed with Kentucky." Now, Shelby's outfit was adorable, but her idea is what really stuck with me.
Gratz Park, Lexington
Most Kentuckians I know are really into being from Kentucky. We spend a lot of time quoting little factoids about the Commonwealth. And why shouldn't we? We're only home to the prettiest land, the best college basketball teams, the greatest horse race, and bourbon. Any one of these are enough to make us cocky. No wonder most of us are, to borrow the phrase, obsessed
Rupp Arena
Here at HerKentucky, we've been focusing on inspiration lately. The people and places and sights and sounds that inspire us. As we each have posted essays and photos about our sources of inspiration, I've realized how much Kentucky inspires me every day -- from its rich traditions and history to its unique and beautiful scenery.
Downtown Louisville
Whether my love for The Bluegrass State stems from obsession or inspiration, I find that my Kentucky experience colors my writing, my political viewpoint, my approach to cooking and hospitality, and so many other aspects of my daily life. In so many ways, Kentucky inspires me every day.
Haupt Humanities Building, Transylvania
How does Kentucky inspire you?
The Belle of Louisville
{all photos are my own.}