Get Fit(ted) with Fleet Feet Sports!

For me, getting to the gym is always a process. Usually, it goes something like:

Step 1. Thinking about going to the gym.

Step 2. Remembering that Jennifer Lawrence quote about how she prefers the couch to a workout.

Step 3. Remembering that I am neither Jennifer Lawrence's age nor blessed with her build.

Step 4. Putting together workout clothes at the last minute.

Step 5. Pulling and tugging at ill-fitting leggings and jog bras the entire time I'm on the treadmill.

Now, there's probably not a lot I can do about the whole "not being J-Law" thing. The old sports bras, however, I can (and probably need to) change. And, right here in Louisville, there's something I can do about it this weekend.

All day (10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m.) Saturday February 15, Fleet Feet Sports is hosting a Valentine's Day Bra Fit Fest. They're offering bra fittings and apparel specials along with champagne and chocolates!

If you bring in a gently used bra to donate to Free The Girls: Fight Human Trafficking and receive 20% off a new bra. You can learn more about the Bra Fit Fest on its Facebook event page.

Getting Fit

We've been talking about setting goals for ourselves on HerKentucky and I know that most everyone has made a resolution to be healthy and get fit. I know I did! While we are up in the gym working on our fitness, our transformations may take a little longer than two weeks so I wanted to share some style slimming secrets to get us through this transition.

1. Fit - Every southern girl knows that fit is the most important rule in looking slim and trim. When dressing, your goal is to create fluid lines that suggest a slender appearance...muffin tops are not included in this. So it's obvious that we had too much holiday fun or one too many bourbon balls, so what? It is easily fixed by purchasing a pair of pants the next size up to banish our muffin tops. Focus on the fit of your pants, not the size, and you will look slimmer in minutes!

2. Accentuate your thinnest point - Beautiful women come in all shapes and sizes and with that, we all have different areas that we should highlight. If you have awesome legs, wear that short skirt! If you have an hourglass figure, wear a dress that accentuates your tiny waist. By highlighting your thinnest points, you are drawing the attention away from your trouble areas and thus creating the illusion of a slimmer you.

3. Wear the correct undergarments - This one is a must. The correct underpinnings will make a world of difference!

4. Accessorize - The art of accessorizing has been my best friend for a long time. Adding a little sparkle to your wrist, rocking a statement necklace or donning some killer heels are all ways to draw the attention away from unwanted areas. And if you think about it, your wrist is really your thinnest point! Everyone go buy a bracelet!

5. Belt it - Baggy tops and dresses do not aid in making you look slim and trim, in fact, they do exactly the opposite. Don't hide that waist under an ill fitting blouse, let it shine and you'll look slim in no time! If you do not have a natural waist, you can create the illusion of an hour glass figure by cinching your waist with a belt. I have been in love with these monogrammed belts from C. Wonder, they have southern girl written all over them!

Happy New Year to everyone and good luck on your goals for 2014!!