W and M Jewelry Giveaway

When you walk into the W & M Jewelry studio in Louisville's St. Matthews neighborhood, you immediately feel like you've gone to visit old friends. 

Owners Becky McClellan and Megan Walz greet cutomers as they create beautiful, unique pieces. "It's like our therapy," Megan laughs. "We sit here and talk it out and make jewelry!"

Soon, the conversation turns to life, family, and dogs. (The studio dogs, blonde labs Rosie and Ruby, aren't there when I visit, but I've seen them plenty on walks through the neighborhood. They're simply gorgeous, and my dogs are dying to become their BFFs!) It feels way more like a visit with your neighbors or sorority sisters than a visit to a shop. 

The jewelry is simply beautiful. Fun, colorful pieces that are appropriate for work or play. It's hard to choose a favorite!

The ladies at W & M have graciously offered a holiday present to one lucky HerKentucky reader. You can win these beautiful gold tulip earrings -- one of W & M's most popular items -- by entering the Rafflecopter drawing below!

Earring photo courtesy W&M.

You can enter now through Sunday night (with a once-a-day tweet option!) and the winner will be informed of an early Christmas present on Monday the 23rd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks so much to Megan and Becky of W & M for the gorgeous earrings and for being great friends of HerKentucky!

The HerKentucky "What You Really Wanted For Mother's Day" Wish List

Happy Mother's Day, y'all!

I hope y'all woke up to homemade cappucinos and little blue boxes from Tiffany's.  But, you know, you probably didn't.

Whether you're a mother (to children or pets!) or a daughter, you deserve something special today. If you didn't get the present you want, you should treat yourself to something nice. We asked two of our favorite Lexington shops to suggest ways for you to pamper yourself, and they came up with ideas that I think you'll all love.

AJ's Casuals suggests lotions, candles, and a new pair of Jack Rogers for spring. I adore those pink ones, don't you?

Peggy's Gifts suggests this vintage Chanel button jewelry. How stunning is this?

So, after church and brunch, y'all should run out to Chevy Chase and do something for yourself. You deserve it!!

Thanks to AJ's and Peggy's for all their help! And don't forget to stop by our {Mother's} Day linkup to tell your Mother's Day story. Have a great day, y'all!

{No member of the HerKentucky writing staff was compensated in any way for this post.}

HerKentucky Mother's Day Wish List

If, like me, you're still shopping for a Mother's Day present (I promise it'll get done today!!), then you likely fall into one of two camps. You're either a terrible procrastinator,or you're waiting for just the perfect gift to emerge. I'm probably a little guilty of both -- I've saved up the shopping duties for a day when I'll already be running a bunch of errands and I just couldn't bear to mail it in with yet another box of Godiva truffles. 

I assume that I'm not the only one who's still shopping, so I contacted a few of my very favorite Kentucky shops and boutiques for last-minute Mother's Day present suggestions to share with HerKentucky readers. They came up with some unique and amazing products that I think your mom will love. There are a few that you'll probably want to pick up for yourself as well!

Herend from L.V. Harkness
Downtown Lexington's L.V. Harkness has such a delightful array of classic gifts. Everything in their store is fabulous, and the Herend Porcelain is no exception. The Herend Baby Shoe in Pink or Blue, or the Herend Just Hatched Figurine in Raspberry are great ideas for a mom-to-be or a new mom! 

Mother's Day pics from For Friends!
For Friends! has been one of my favorite little shops since I was a teenager buying Vera Bradley luggage in their old Lexington Mall location. Let's not focus on how old that makes me, though. Instead, take a look at their whimsical Mother's Day wishlist -- from picture frames to stemware to precious stone bunnies, they have a gift for every mom's taste!

Vera Bradley from Daffodils
Daffodils is my favorite little hometown store. They're such a fun pop of color on Prestonsburg's Court Street! Daffodils suggests that you treat Mom to a Vera Bradley bag and get rewarded with a gift with purchase cosmetic bag trio!

Lilly Pulitzer scarf from The Peppermint Palm
The Peppermint Palm  -- with locations in Lexington and Louisville -- is another "must-shop" for me! The Peppermint Palm suggests a Lilly Pulitzer Murfee scarf for your Mom, and I have to agree. These are just the most fun pop of color you'll ever wear, and the silk/cashmere blend is the softest, lightest material. Mom will wear it again and again, and you'll ask to borrow it more than once!
Pearl Triple Cluster earrings from W &  M Custom Jewelry
Y'all know that all the HerKentucky writers just adore the gorgeous designs of W & M Custom Jewelry. The ladies at W & M think that Mom will just adore these Pearl Triple Cluster earrings, and I tend to agree -- they're delicate and fun, and a great twist on traditional pearls!
Leather Jacket from Blink
Louisville's Blink Boutique features gorgeous, trendy pieces. The Blink staff recommends the Venette Leather Jacket by Joie and Hidden Hills Straight Leg Jean by Paige for mom-style that's anything but frumpy!

Thanks so much to L.V. Harkness, For Friends!, Daffodils, The Peppermint Palm, W & M Custom Jewelry, and Blink Boutique for helping out with this post! 

What's on your Mother's Day Wish List?

{No member of the HerKentucky writing staff was compensated in any way for this post.}

HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List

Valentine's Day is just over a week away, y'all.

Now, there are a lot of really boring and unoriginal Valentine's Day gifts out there. Sure, they're sweet and well-intentioned, but there's just sort of uninspired. Here are a few amazing gifts that put a Kentucky twist on Valentine's Day traditions. There's plenty of time left to point your sweetheart in the right direction!

Instead of flowers, how about this coral necklace from Louisville's W and M Jewelry? I love everything about this piece. It's flirty and feminine. It'll be the perfect companion to your favorite spring dresses (Hello, Lilly Pulitzer!) And the company is owned by two Kentucky women. Who can ask for more than that?
via W and M Jewelry

If you've still got roses on your mind, how about a bottle of Four Roses Single Barrel?
via Four Roses
It's a rich, smooth bourbon with plummy notes and a chocolaty nose. Sounds perfect for Valentine's Day!

via Old Kentucky Chocolates
Made with Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, these promise to be the perfect combination of sweet and savory.

What's on your Valentine's Day Wish List?

The Beaufort Bonnet Company

The Beaufort Bonnet Company

is everywhere lately! This adorable line of children's accessories is just perfect for the teensiest fashion mavens in your life. I'm just in love with the bonnets, bowties, and bloomers -- many of which can be monogrammed. I keep hoping a friend or relative will have a baby soon so that I can buy all the Beaufort Bonnets!

I recently caught up with Markey Hart Hutchinson, the Lexington lady behind The Beaufort Bonnet Company. She's smart and fun, with a great eye for fun design. Markey's great attitude certainly shines through in her company's designs! -- HCW

A few questions with Markey:

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I’m from Lexington. I graduated from Sewanee (The University of the South) in Tennessee. I’m 32. I have two funny, smart, and wonderful children, my son Wakefield, who's 3, and Betsey, who's 1 1/2. My husband is a patient man and a great father. I like laughing, nice people, and all things that make my eyes smile. Colors and ‘pretty’ influence my mood; style and design have always been a passion.

How did The Beaufort Bonnet Company come to be?

A Mother Daughter Team started Susu and John in Beaufort, South Carolina around 2007-2009ish. The Beaufort Bonnet, made from an old heirloom pattern, was their star item and the reason they went into business. When I was pregnant and seeing the world through pink-colored glasses, I spotted a picture of a friend’s baby wearing a pink gingham bonnet while perusing Facebook. I asked where she got the little gem; I just knew Betsey would want a bonnet! My friend ended up gifting us one and it was love at first sight. Betsey wore her bonnet everywhere and people went bananas over it. Strangers and friends were asking where to get one. After studying the Susu and John website I noticed they didn’t have any retail accounts in Kentucky. I thought, I’m already selling these bonnets- I might as well get paid for it. I contacted the owner and asked if I could have the exclusive rights to sell them in Kentucky- a few emails later I found myself negotiating a price to buy her business. I gave the company a new name and logo and hit the ground running.

 I see a lot of traditional Southern style in your products, with some Lilly Pulitzer-style preppy mixed in. What are your inspirations for The Beaufort Bonnet Company's products?

Great observation! TBBC style is a reflection of my style. I like all things classic, timeless and refined- but I also like colorful, fun, and clever. My inspirations demonstrate that ‘refined’ doesn’t have to mean ‘boring’. Lilly Pulitzer, Dorothy Draper, and Carleton Varney mastered the art of pairing classic pieces with bold elements & bright colors to make things interesting. I want babies and children wearing TBBC items to provoke smiles (followed by compliments and conversation) - I love the idea of being partly responsible for someone’s smile.

 Here at HerKentucky, we love to support Kentucky's women-owned businesses. What advice do you have for women who want to start their own business?

I regret I’m not qualified to hand out advice. The Beaufort Bonnet Company is 4 months old; I’m still craving advice, suggestions, and wisdom. Ask me again when I recover my investment and start sleeping ;-)

What do you wish someone had told you before you started The Beaufort Bonnet Company?

I wish

someone had told me I was going to make mistakes- and that some mistakes were going to be expensive. Mistakes involving trust and dependability sting the most. The good thing is, I’m a fast learner.

Now for a few fun questions:

Coffee or Tea?

I’m way too complicated to answer this question. I drink coffee every morning but it’s really not my cup of tea- ha- do you get it?

Bourbon or Beer?

Cold BEER. In a bottle. But a cup or can is fine too.

Jeans or a Skirt?


Cats or Cards?

C.A.T.S cats cats cats!!

What's your favorite spot in Lexington?

My favorite spot(s) in Lexington are… Greenbrier’s pool, 3rd Floor Main at Keeneland, the house where I grew up, Wheelers, Suggins, Merrick, Rupp Arena when the Cats are playing, Gate 11 for tailgating, Monkees, L.V. Harkness, and the Chinoe Pub. Hmm, I bet there aren’t many people who have used L.V. Harkness and Chinoe Pub in the same sentence… I guess that’s me in a nutshell.

If The Beaufort Bonnet Company products are on your Holiday Wish List, you can find them at these Kentucky stores:

L.V. Harkness and Co

.: 531 W. Short St., Lexington (They even do registries for expectant mamas!)


: 120 Clay Ave., Lexington

Nancy's Place

: 133 West Main St., Springfield

Kids Stuff

: 300 North Mayo Trail Suite 3,  Pikeville

Lad n' Lassie

: 188 West Court St., Prestonsburg

The Gifts Every Kentucky Fan Needs

We all know that most of the people in this state are crazy for the color blue, right? We all know that some of the women that write for this site could be in the top ten for that crazy, too, right?

Because of all that, I wanted to make sure we've all got some options to give to the crazy Kentucky fan in our life - whether that be someone in your family or just a gift for yourself!

Some people like to bring you Kentucky news "in the most ridiculous manner possible." Let me continue the Transy tradition and give you some of the most ridiculous UK stocking stuffers possible.

UK "Duck" Tape

Let's ignore the fact that this isn't properly named "duct" tape and just carry on with the idea that if duct tape can fix anything, try to imagine what UK duct tape can do!

Gotta have it.

$6.67 @ Amazon for 10 yards. You could use it as Christmas tree garland!

Tire valve stem covers
You've seen all the bumper stickers, all the car magnets, all the window flags and license plate covers.

Show that you're a true blue fan with tire valve stem colors - because it's the smallest place on your car where you can still show your loyalty. Better yet? Take your car for a rotation and alignment in Louisville and laugh at the Cards fan who grimaces when he's removing these.

$10.26 @ Amazon for 4 OR buy five sets and be a total boss and trick out your 18-wheeler and have two left for your bicycle!

Silver Toned Stretch Band Ring
This might just be the perfect stocking stuffer for that Phi Mu lady/Wildcat fan in your life.

The ring, with that high-dollar stretch band that I'm sure wouldn't turn your finger green, is almost the perfect marriage of a quatrefoil and the UK logo.

I think the women of Rho Iota could all use one of these!

$10.95 @ Amazon

Wildcats Piggy Bank
All I'm going to say is that I hope Cal's former Cats have a lot of these - because those guys are making bank. This little guy even looks as sweet as a John Wall smile.

$13.37 @ Amazon

Nothing says a cozy winter night by the fire like UK blue hot chocolate - especially when the tin says, "Real Wildcats Drink Blue."

I actually really want this. I'm looking at you, family readers!

$18.44 for a pack of 3 - Okay, so it's really special hot chocolate!

UK Ceiling Fan

Pimp out your Person Cave (in our house, we don't subscribe to the more popular, sexist name for the sports/TV/beer drinking room) with a UK ceiling fan.

$359.00 @ Amazon (Note to family: DO NOT buy this for me. Seriously.)

Rubbermaid 32-gallon Can
I am not going to say that this would be the perfect dorm room accessory. It would not be the perfect beer keg holder or be a perfect mixing place for grain alcohol concoctions involving sliced fruit. I'm just not going to say it, but wouldn't your trash look classy in this?

$56.17 @ Amazon

Kentucky Fan Gnome Bench
Now, maybe these little gnome guys spelling "C-A-T-S" might actually be cute by my new front door. Maybe.

Ok. I've looked at too much ridiculousness if this is starting to look cute!

$24.95 @ Amazon

UK gift tags
Of course, you can't give any of these gifts without wrapping them nicely and attaching these UK gift tags.

$2.49 @ Amazon for a sheet of 10

Quick note: All the image links are affiliate links to Amazon.com

What's the most ridiculous sports-themed gift you've ever given or received? 

5 Kentucky Boutiques for Christmas Shopping

1) AJ's Casuals - Lexington 

  • 867 E. High Street Suite 120
  • Lexington, KY 40502

  • AJ's Casuals is a charming boutique located in the heart of Lexington.  They offer several contemporary brands of women's clothing, as well as other accessories.

Photo via AJ's Casuals Facebook

2) Peggy's- Lexington

  • 112 Clay Avenue
  • Lexington, Kentucky 40502
In 1990, inspired by the small town gift shops she visited as a child, Peggy, with the help of her mother, opened Peggy’s Gifts.  From the beginning, the goal of the shop was to combine the warm and personal atmosphere of  a small town boutique with a wide selection of handpicked quality gifts.  What began as a quarter of the building, has grown over twenty years, to encompass all 3000 square feet of the home on Clay Avenue. 
Peggy’s is packed with wonderful gifts to celebrate any occasion!  We feature a fabulous selection of jewelry, totes and purses, and chic accessories for your home and entertaining needs.  As an added free service, we wrap all your gifts in our signature dot paper! 

Photo and description via Peggy's Gifts

3) Peppermint Palm- Lexington and Louisville 

Lansdowne Shoppes
Lexington, KY 

The Vogue
Louisville, KY

The Peppermint Palm is Kentucky's go-to destination for Lilly Pulitzer, Stephen Bonanno sandals, CMC monogrammed gifts, and other preppy staples!

Photo via Heather Watson

4) Clodhoppers- Louisville 

  • 3725 Lexington Road
  • Louisville, KY 40207
Clodhoppers first opened its doors in 1993 as an unassuming storefront on an eclectic Bardstown Road strand of shops. At that time, the store windows were full of the used Levi’s and the clunky Doc Martens indicative of the minimalist, street chic era of early 90s fashion. But as the styles of their clients evolved with the years, so did the store. Co-owners Kathy Reiss-Miller and Kelly McDonald combined a strength in building business relationships with a penchant for style to swiftly move their boutique into shopping mainstream. They have since moved their business into the newly-remodeled, 4500 square foot Vogue Theatre building on Lexington Road, where they today sell several designer lines of men’s and women’s clothing and accessories. Over the years, Clodhoppers has matured into Louisville’s premier purveyor of luxury fashion and the shopping experience.

Photos via Clodhoppers

5) Blink- Louisville

  • 3706 Lexington Road
  • Louisville, KY 40207
Blink Boutique is known for the beautiful selection of dresses, ensembles, shoes, handbags, denim and jewelry. We want to have something to offer every woman that comes into our door which is why we offer a variety of lines including: Bell by Alicia Bell, Halston Heritage, Hudson Jeans, Jay Godfrey, Joie, Karina Grimaldi, Linea Pelle, Paige, Shoshanna, 12th Street, Tom Ford, Vince, and Velvet Located in the heart of St. Matthews on Lexington Road, the boutique has a laid back yet sophisticated style where customer service has always been the focus. If you haven't been by, we encourage you to come see what Blink is all about. As much as we love fashion, what we love even more is our clients.
Photo and Description via Blink's Facebook page