The 2014 HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List for the Guy in Your Life

The other day, I ran across the perfect little Valentine's Day present for my beau. I mean, how cute is this Hadley Pottery coaster? It's collectible, it's something we can use year after year...

...And it would totally be a gift from me to me. My fiancé doesn't exactly share my affinity for Louisville's artisanal blue-and-white pottery.  So, I started thinking of gifts that he'd actually like. And thus, the 2014 HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List for the Guy in Your Life was born. Here are some presents that are as quirky, fantastic, and uniquely Kentucky as the guy in your life.

Balls of Steel Whiskey Coolers
A few weeks ago, I got an email from the Balls of Steel company. Yes, that's the product's actual name. I mentioned it to my fiancé, and his immediate response was: "We must have some of those. Now." It turns out that Balls of Steel are stainless steel whiskey coolers that allow you to enjoy your beverage at the perfect temperature without diluting it.  Not only do they have a name you can't forget, but they fund a great cause.

15% of the purchase price of every set of Balls of Steel will go to testicular cancer research. What a great idea! The name will certainly catch your guy's attention, the donation is much needed, and the coolers can chill a variety of beverages, from a run-of-the-mill soda to the finest glass of Pappy.

Pappy & Co Flask
Speaking of the finest glass of Pappy, this Smathers & Branson flask will wow any bourbon drinker on your list. It's just gorgeous, and it sends the message that your guy only drinks the best.

Kentucky for Kentucky Ball Cap

Of course, I could just list "Everything in the Kentucky for Kentucky collection" as a must-have, but this vintage-style cap is just so fun!

Maker's Mark Label Upcycled Bow Tie
I saw this bow tie in a gift basket at a silent auction this weekend, and was just smitten. How fun for the Maker's lover or bow tie aficionado in your life! It's by artist Melissa Sinkovic and available via her Etsy store or at Revelry Boutique in Louisville.

J. Peterman 1903 Badger Hair Shaving Brush

A morning shave seems like the most miserable enterprise a man must undertake. Peterman's shaving brush adds elegance to the proceedings.

What are y'all getting your beaux for Valentine's Day?

A J. Peterman Wish List for your Sweetheart

Once upon a time, the most magical store you can ever imagine existed out on Richmond Road. A treasure trove of one-of-a-kind pieces, and meticulously crafted items that harkened to a more romantic era. Whenever I was feeling stressed, I would head out to J. Peterman and play make-believe, just for a few minutes.

The beautiful flagship store is long-gone, but the famed Peterman catalog remains, offering up the romantic imagery of Gatsby and Hemingway. Beyond the pretty imagery, though, you'll find some really amazing products in the J. Peterman catalog. The timeless, well-constructed classics simply get better with age. Peterman products are free of logos and unnecessary adornment; they simply let your good taste shine through.

This Valentine's Day, here are my J.Peterman favorites for the man in your life. These gorgeous, unique pieces will make any beau feel loved!

Donegal Cardigan Sweater

A timeless Irish wool sweater. Perfect for cozy days.

Counterfeit Mailbag

One of those pieces that's just going to get better with age.

Baseball Glove Wallet

Unassuming and fun. And quite beautiful as well.

Bay Rum

A classic, spicy fragrance.

American Baseball Sleeves
Basically, the perfect weekend shirt.

What's on your beau's wish list?