Weddings with a Southern Touch

As a girl who counts the South as one of her great loves, I've always adored little southern touches in weddings. If you're looking for ideas for your wedding or know someone who is, here are few gorgeous ideas to inspire you!

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Looking to be Inspired

Lately, I've felt a lot like Heather - absolutely uninspired and in need of some inspiration. I attribute it partially to the change in seasons - this time of year is always hectic with the beginning of nice weather activities, invitations to outdoor parties and the like. On top of that, there are big time requirements of me at work, my husband and I are working to sell a home and things just add up to a feeling that is less pretty-rainbows-inspiration and more grey-just-get-through-the-day-alive.

...and I have it easy! How do you guys with children to care for or parents to care for do it? It makes me tired just thinking about it. 

When I'm feeling stressed or rushed, I head to an unlikely place - Pinterest. Of course, the whole aura around the online pinboard is supposed to be one of inspiration, but I hear a lot of people talk about how Pinterest brings with it a lot of pressure to make every project pinnable. I must not take on that stress easily, though. I can pin it and forget it. That's the beauty of taking a few minutes to go back through some of my pinboards. It's like it's brand new again!

Here are some of my favorite inspirational-type pins:

What are some of your favorites? Have you checked out the HerKentucky Pinterest boards? There's always something inspiring there!

Getting Pinterest Crafts Done!

If you're like most people, you're enamored with Pinterest and have pinned every cute little craft and DIY you see. If you're like me, you've pinned lots of magazine photos and thought to yourself, "Hey, I could do that!" HerKentucky even has our own collaborative Crafts board!

Have you done any of those projects?

If you have, then you're awesome. If you haven't, then it seems like you aren't alone.

Last month, my sister came up with the brilliant idea of having a monthly Pinterest Craft-a-Long. She corralled me, our mom, our cousin and her daughter for the inaugural event. We each emailed craft pins to the group and decided on one to make. My cousin, Kim, hosted the event for October and we got our paint, cut and glue on! (Well, they did. I ended up having to work. Boo.)

The group each made this project:


I was at my cousin's house over the weekend and was excited to see her creation. It looked pretty awesome, and she reported that they had a lot of fun!

We're already planning our November Pinterest Craft-a-Long and trying to round up ideas on what to make. This project is getting my vote:

Have you tried a Craft-a-Long for those undone Pinterest pins? If you were going to do it, what's the first item you'd make from your boards?