#BLUBRUNCH with Southern Blog Society and Marriott's Blu Italian Grille

This weekend, I attended a brunch at Blu Italian Grille in the Louisville Downtown Marriott for Kentucky members of the Southern Blog Society. It was so much fun to meet some girls whose sites I love, like Danielle of Lou What Wear and Beth of Seersucker + Saddles, as well as get an introduction to blogs and bloggers I didn't know, like Grace of A Southern Drawl and Jennifer of Girl Eats World.

Me, Grace, Danielle, Beth, and Jennifer

We chatted about life, SEO, and social media. And, of course, Derby. But the oddest thing was that, at a table full of social media addicts, nobody took the time to Instagram the buffet brunch. To me, that's always a sign that the food (and company) are quite good!

While several diners enjoyed the breakfast offerings, I headed toward the herb-rubbed New York Strip, roasted asparagus with baby bell peppers, and a cup of cioppino. Let me tell y'all, it was fabulous. Real, life, meal-type food in a frou-frou breakfast buffet setting. I also enjoyed a cheese plate from the Kentucky proud table, as well as a glass of John Conti peach iced tea with mint -- the closest replica to my beloved Nashville-style Fruit Tea that I've found in the Commonwealth. A glass or two of prosecco washed it all down nicely!

I can't recommend the #blubrunch highly enough for your next get-together or fancy brunch. The food and service were supurb!

{Thanks to Danielle for planning the event, to Grace for letting me reproduce a photo from her Instagram account, and to Blu for the complimentary #blubrunch!}

HerKentucky Story: s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s

HerKentucky is excited to present a guest blog from Beth Parker of the popular Lexington-based fashion blog S e e r s u c k e r + S a d d l e s.  Documenting a  fashion love affair that dates back to when she was a young gal, Beth blogs about her love of fashion with an emphasis on her southern roots.  Beth's daily outfits combine classic preppy elements with equestrian flair and unexpected pops of color.   We simply adore her blog, and love the description that Beth provided for us:  S e e r s u c k e r + S a d d l e s – a place where the south and style collide. 

A quick little history lesson:

Our lovely Lexington, the beautiful place I now call home.  It’s where my 2 lovely ladies will grow up and learn to appreciate all things equestrian, wildcat, and bluegrass.  It’s my “SADDLES.”

However, the beachy, charming little town, Jupiter, Fl, is where I was born and raised.  It’s my “SEERSUCKER.”

A childhood chock full of boating, beaching, fishing, and the like, Florida will forever hold a near and dear place in my heart.  It is where my family still resides and we continually visit.  So what, you may ask, could possibly pull me away from this picturesque little town?  How about a Kentucky gentleman of course!  

Fast forward 8 years and I now consider myself a proud Kentuckian, married to a Harlan native, raising a lovely little brood,  and bleeding my fair share of blue (mixed with Garnet & Gold of course)!   So the takeaway of this little intro …I LOVE THE SOUTH!!!   Now onto the goodies…THE FASHION …

Oh it dates back to my younger years, indeed.   I have always been the type of gal that needs a creative outlet in one form or fashion, no pun intended.  Fashion & s e e r s u c k e r + s a d d l e s undoubtedly fit that creative bill.  For me, fashion is pure expression.  It is individuality & creativity wrapped up into one fun little rig (aka outfit).  

One rule of thumb I try to follow is to choose a piece that is versatile.   For me, buying something that I can use in a multitude of ways is pretty darn important.  For instance, let’s take this mustard blazer-perfect for work & play.  How about pairing her with a navy & white stripe tee, some skinny jeans, and leopard ballet flats for a weekender look? 


 Another fun little tidbit, treat leopard as a neutral.  In small doses,  it’s a fun little complement!


Take pleasure in the details.  I love the scallop cut to these shorts & the nautical rope handle on the tote…..seersucker all the way!

Family, friends, & fashion….it’s what I love, always have.  I sure hope s e e r s u c k e r +s a d d l e s provides a daily dose of closet inspiration…make it a good one, gang!

photos courtesy Kristin Tatem Photography