Agrestic Music and Arts Festival!

So, what are y'all doing next weekend? 

If I were you, I'd make plans to spend the 6th and 7th of June in Whitesburg at the Agrestic Music and Arts Festival for Autism.

For those of y'all who aren't intimately acquainted with the Southeastern corner of Kentucky, just take my word that everybody needs to visit the mountains in the summertime. Go ahead and pick up some allergy medicine before you go, because the pollen count is brutal, but trust me that the area is gorgeous this time of year. In case you need a better reason that natural beauty, how about live music, food, and art in support of autism education?

Two of my favorite hometown bands are on the Agrestic stage on Saturday. There's country-rock duo Sundy Best, and my daddy's band, Idle Time

Wait, Heather, what's that you say? Your old man is a rock star? You've been HerKentuckying with us for three years now and you haven't mentioned it before?  (Yeah, I know what you're thinking. I just was waiting for the perfect time to drop it on y'all casually, like when Billy Gibbons showed up on that show about Zooey Deschanel's sister.) Anyway, Idle Time is my dad's classic rock band. They're awesome, and they're rocking the Agrestic Festival.

Family loyalty aside, y'all should check out the Agrestic Festival next weekend. While you're in Whitesburg, get the pimiento cheese and fried green tomato hamburger at the Pine Mountain Grill. It's worth the trip.

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Seven Great Kentucky T-Shirts

This is the week of HerKentucky Valentine's Day wish lists. Monday, we showed you a few items the guy on your list is sure to love. Tomorrow, we'll share our top pics for women. Today's list previews gifts any Kentuckian is sure to love: t-shirts.  I mean, who doesn't love t-shirts? You can wear them. You can sleep in 'em. You can even make a quilt out of them. Here are a few great ones that proudly display your love of the Commonwealth.

Louisville Love Letter from Why Louisville

"Dear Louisville, I Love You."  Perfect. Available at or at the Why Louisville stores.

Y'ALL from Kentucky for Kentucky

Great for all of us who can't even try to disguise our accents. Available at Kentucky for Kentucky.

"I Wanna Go Home" from Sundy Best
My hometown's favorite band. This shirt is awesome, even if you haven't yet fallen in love with Sundy Best's down-home rock.

The Crafty Tee from River City Craft Wear

What a great nod to local craft beers! Get it here.

Welcome to Lex Vegas from Etsy Seller Bifftees
I think there's an argument to be made that what happens in Lex Vegas definitely doesn't stay in Lex Vegas. Still, this t-shirt is great.

Keeneland Dress Code from Southern Proper 

I love these! The perennial prep retailer Southern Proper has teamed with the Keeneland Gift Shop for these adorable shirts that bring you his and her "Dress Codes" for the track.

If you're still looking for the perfect t-shirt to express your Bluegrass State style, visit Louisville-based CafePress to create your own!

Disclosure: HerKentucky is an advertising affiliate for CafePress. All style selections are our own.

HerKentucky Happenings

We're pleased to present HerKentucky Happenings, a roundup of things we love from across the Commonwealth.

  • My hometown's favorite band, Sundy Best, will be returning to the Grand Ole Opry tomorrow night. Really makes me wish I were in the Music City this weekend to see my high school football coach's son (whom I'll always think of as a gorgeous toddler... Sorry, Nick!) rocking the Home of Country Music
  • Saturday in Louisville is Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Market's Resolutions Solutions Fair. It's a great time to quit smoking, work on your fitness goals, or focus on cleaner eating. Rainbow Blossom has experts to help!
  • Also in Louisville is Craft(s) Gallery's exhibition by Shawn Garrison, entitled "The Fruits of Rashness." I just adore the whimsical colors and use of motion of this piece, "Let's Go Shopping", and I can't wait to stop by Craft(s) to see the rest of the show!
Image via Craft(s) Gallery
  • Another exhibition I can't wait to see is the Eye of Napoleon at the Frazier Museum. This Saturday night, they're offering a special "Date Night in Paris" event that includes the exhibit as well as a cash bar, entertainment, and more!
  • The Kentucky Governor's Mansion turns 100 later this month. Celebrate at Frankfort's Grand Theater next Wednesday and Thursday with special showings of a documentary of the historic home, or schedule a trip to see the Mansion. I'll bet you haven't been there since a class trip in grade school!
    The Governor's Mansion
  • Louisville's Fleet Feet Sports recently met the challenge of logging miles for charity. A running team representing the store earned a $2,500 donation for Girls on the Run Louisville, a nonprofit which inspires elementary school girls to be healthy, joyful, and confident while engaging in fun and age-appropriate lessons on topics such as healthy living, self esteem, and how to handle bullying.
What's happening in your nook of the Commonwealth?

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