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We've clearly got The Big Game on our minds here at HerKentucky, and we figure y'all do, too!

Our friends at Two Chicks and Company have graciously offered a Cards or Cats coffee mug to one lucky HerKentucky reader.

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Let us know, are you wearing Red or Blue tomorrow?

Football Season is Here!!

Football starts tonight, y'all. Real, live SEC football.

I have to admit that, when planning to attend an event tonight, a little part of me thought "Well, I can get back in plenty of time to watch Vandy-Ole Miss." But, you know, we can't put our Thursdays and Saturdays on hold from now through the end of the year, right? Well, of course we can. It's football season!

Now, my beau and I are HUGE Kentucky football fans. We've followed the team through ups and downs, and are interested to see what the Stoops era brings.
Tomorrow is College Colors Day.  I love the idea that, all across the country, people are gearing up to cheer on their own favorite teams. For me, college colors will always mean Kentucky blue, but there are so many schools across the Commonwealth who are gearing up for big seasons. Personally, I never miss a chance to cheer for my parents' alma maters of Morehead and EKU. There's talk that Louisville is going to have a pretty good team as well. And who can ignore the fact that WKU has a colorful new coach?

Are y'all as excited for football season as I am? What colors are you wearing tomorrow?

It's time to transition to fall y'all!

Sadly, summer is coming to a close and fall is on its way. Lexington is bursting at the seams with college students and Keeneland's opening day is just around the corner, but that does not mean we should toss our favorite summer pieces aside like yesterday's race booklet! With a few quick adjustments, we can transition those summer stunners into fabulous fall outfits!

White Blazers were white hot this summer. They were everywhere, adorning brightly colored dresses and breezy floral tops. You can transition your blazer to fall by adding a few key pieces that you probably already have in your closet! This outfit is so versatile, you could dress it up with heels or dress it down with riding boots or flats.

Summer's flirty floral dresses get a fantastic fall makeover with the addition of black tights, cardigans, statement earrings and boots.  This dress is so cute and even features a little UK blue! Tailgating, anyone?

It is no secret that I LOVE stripes, so it was no surprise that my favorite summer trend was statement stripes.  These bold stunners can easily transition to a fancy fall night out by adding a fabulous cardigan, pearls, tights and heels.  

I am so excited about these outfits....looks like I have some shopping to do! Ooh La La! What is your favorite summer trend and how are you transitioning it to fall?

Ten Great Things about Basketball in the Commonwealth

There have to be at least one billion articles out there about today's big game.

It's a rivalry, you know. A big one. We're only a few months removed from last spring's big Kentucky-Louisville Final Four game. The 'Cats are defending their title as 2012 National Champs. The highly-ranked Cards have gotten plenty of buzz as title contenders this year.
via The Boston Globe.

And, you know, we all have a side. Most Kentuckians are obsessive fans of one team or the other. (My girl Sarah well knows that her disinterest places her in the minority.) We picked our sides early in life, and we're sticking to them.

This year, I'm just not feeling the hater vibe that's all over the internet. My house will be decked in blue, while more than a few of my friends will be sporting their red. And, that's that.  The Commonwealth has enough great basketball to go around. So, in the spirit of sportsmanship, here's five great things about each basketball program.

Five Great Things About UK Basketball:
1.  Coach Rupp -- The Man in the Brown Suit. His 42 year tenure at Kentucky holds the record for the fifth winningest head coaching stint of all time.
2. Basil Hayden -- Although sadly not the namesake of Beam's small-batch 80 proof, Hayden was the leading scorer in the 1919-20 season, and Head Coach in 1926. He lived to be 103 years old.
3.  Mr. Keightley --  The bench still doesn't look the same without Mr. Wildcat, who held the position of Equipment Manager for 48 years.
4. Sam Bowie -- In 1984, the all-star Wildcat center was drafted ahead of UNC's Michael Jordan.
5. Dan Issel -- He scored 53 points in a single game, wearing quite possibly the world's shortest shorts. It's an amazing accomplishment.

Five Great Things about U of L Basketball:
1. The Yum! Center -- A truly amazing, state-of-the-art arena and a welcome addition to the Louisville skyline.
2. Wes Unseld -- A first round draft pick in 1968, Unseld followed up his pro basketball career with a stint as Head Coach of the Washington Bullets. Perhaps the greatest Card to ever don the Red and Black, Unseld went on to found a private school.
3. Denny Crum -- Coach Crum's name is synonymous with Cardinal Basketball. During his thirty years as U of L's Head Coach, he was named National Coach of the Year three times.
4. Pervis Ellison -- With 2000 career points and 1000 rebounds for the Cards, Ellison was one of the driving forces of 1990s college basketball. An overall number one NBA draft pick, he went on to an 11 year pro career.
5. The 1948 NAIA championship, the 1956 NIT championship, and the 1980 and 1986 NCAA championships. U of L is the only school to hold titles for three different major post-season championships.

Are you wearing Red or Blue today?

The Gifts Every Kentucky Fan Needs

We all know that most of the people in this state are crazy for the color blue, right? We all know that some of the women that write for this site could be in the top ten for that crazy, too, right?

Because of all that, I wanted to make sure we've all got some options to give to the crazy Kentucky fan in our life - whether that be someone in your family or just a gift for yourself!

Some people like to bring you Kentucky news "in the most ridiculous manner possible." Let me continue the Transy tradition and give you some of the most ridiculous UK stocking stuffers possible.

UK "Duck" Tape

Let's ignore the fact that this isn't properly named "duct" tape and just carry on with the idea that if duct tape can fix anything, try to imagine what UK duct tape can do!

Gotta have it.

$6.67 @ Amazon for 10 yards. You could use it as Christmas tree garland!

Tire valve stem covers
You've seen all the bumper stickers, all the car magnets, all the window flags and license plate covers.

Show that you're a true blue fan with tire valve stem colors - because it's the smallest place on your car where you can still show your loyalty. Better yet? Take your car for a rotation and alignment in Louisville and laugh at the Cards fan who grimaces when he's removing these.

$10.26 @ Amazon for 4 OR buy five sets and be a total boss and trick out your 18-wheeler and have two left for your bicycle!

Silver Toned Stretch Band Ring
This might just be the perfect stocking stuffer for that Phi Mu lady/Wildcat fan in your life.

The ring, with that high-dollar stretch band that I'm sure wouldn't turn your finger green, is almost the perfect marriage of a quatrefoil and the UK logo.

I think the women of Rho Iota could all use one of these!

$10.95 @ Amazon

Wildcats Piggy Bank
All I'm going to say is that I hope Cal's former Cats have a lot of these - because those guys are making bank. This little guy even looks as sweet as a John Wall smile.

$13.37 @ Amazon

Nothing says a cozy winter night by the fire like UK blue hot chocolate - especially when the tin says, "Real Wildcats Drink Blue."

I actually really want this. I'm looking at you, family readers!

$18.44 for a pack of 3 - Okay, so it's really special hot chocolate!

UK Ceiling Fan

Pimp out your Person Cave (in our house, we don't subscribe to the more popular, sexist name for the sports/TV/beer drinking room) with a UK ceiling fan.

$359.00 @ Amazon (Note to family: DO NOT buy this for me. Seriously.)

Rubbermaid 32-gallon Can
I am not going to say that this would be the perfect dorm room accessory. It would not be the perfect beer keg holder or be a perfect mixing place for grain alcohol concoctions involving sliced fruit. I'm just not going to say it, but wouldn't your trash look classy in this?

$56.17 @ Amazon

Kentucky Fan Gnome Bench
Now, maybe these little gnome guys spelling "C-A-T-S" might actually be cute by my new front door. Maybe.

Ok. I've looked at too much ridiculousness if this is starting to look cute!

$24.95 @ Amazon

UK gift tags
Of course, you can't give any of these gifts without wrapping them nicely and attaching these UK gift tags.

$2.49 @ Amazon for a sheet of 10

Quick note: All the image links are affiliate links to

What's the most ridiculous sports-themed gift you've ever given or received? 

College Colors

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer recently proclaimed today to be "College ColorsDay" in the Derby City. Louisville residents are encouraged to wear the colors of their alma mater, their children's alma mater, their favorite collegiate team, etc. The event, Mayor Fischer said, is designed to encourage a college-going culture among Louisville's children.

Now, I certainly commend the idea of encouraging college for even the youngest kid. But the thing is, here in Kentucky, every day is College Colors Day.

This week, my social media feed has been full of expressions of collegiate pride. Monday and Tuesday, the Big Blue Nation was out in full force; we hate Duke allday every day, and we weren't about to let anyone forget it. Wednesday was We Are Marshall Day, as alumni and fans remembered the tragic 1970 plane crash that claimed many of the Thundering Herd's players, coaches and boosters. By Thursday morning, we were all gearing up for U of L and UK's weekend games.

I've long believed that the Commonwealth takes its collegiate alliances so seriously in part because we don't have a professional sports franchise. Even though a lot of us cheer for the Bengals and the Reds, it's not like we have a pro team of our own. Our schools give us a tribe to which we can belong.
Because so many Kentucky families are from rural areas that don't necessarily have a long history of college attendance, we have a lot of pride in our alma maters. We follow our schools' sports teams, their academic achievements, and their new developments. I keep up with new happenings at Transy, and I never miss the UK-TU exhibition game. All the Morehead State alumni in my family are pumped for next Wednesday's game at Rupp. It's a bit of nostalgia for simpler times in our own lives and a connection with a longstanding tradition.

I'll be wearing blue and white today, not because I needed the reminder from Mayor Fischer but because, in the words of sportswriter Mike Wilbon, "It's BALL NIGHT!"
What school's colors do you wear?

"Fight Like a Girl"

Remember how I'm looking for new Pink Ribbon t-shirts to replace those I'm using to make a quilt?

Well, I just ran across the best one yet!
The Kentucky chapters of the American Cancer Society are selling these adorable pink ribbon, Kentucky Wildcats licensed t-shirts for just $12!

The proceeds of ACS merchandise, fundraisers, and donations go to cancer research, lobbying efforts, and immediate care and assistance for cancer patients.  Contact your local ACS branch (Lexington, Louisville, Ashland, or Owensboro), or email us here at HerKentucky for ordering information. 

Thanks to the dollars raised by Making Strides supporters, the American Cancer Society is saving lives and helping more people facing breast cancer celebrate more birthdays!