The HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List

Valentine's Day is tomorrow, and we've been shopping a lot! This week, we've given you our Valentine's Day Wish Lists for guys and for t-shirt lovers. Today, here are a few great, Kentucky-made pieces for the woman on your shopping list, or some great ways to treat yourself!

W & M Custom Jewelry Silver Tulip Earrings

I went out to dinner with a dear friend the other night, and I found myself looking at her earrings repeatedly. Finally, I just came out with "Those are W & M, right?"  Well, of course they were! These delicate silver flowers go with anything, and make a great gift!

Louisville Stoneware Garden Boot Birdhouse
This gorgeous piece combines so many of my very favorite things: Wellies, Louisville Stoneware, and Kentucky-based celebrity gardener Jon Carloftis. It would be a fantastic keepsake for a Stoneware collector or garden lover!

Elva Fields Luck Abounds Necklace

I just cannot stop staring at this necklace. How perfect is it for a day at the track, a Derby party or, you know, anywhere?  Another thoughtfully-constructed, vintage-inspired piece from Kentucky's own Elva Fields jewelry.

A Bourbon Women Membership

If you really love her, say it with bourbon. Membership in the Bourbon Women association is a great opportunity for professional networking, and a unique chance to learn all about Kentucky's signature spirit.

Kentucky Cutting Board

This cutting board from Two Chicks & Co is a great way to display your Bluegrass pride! Wouldn't this make the most darling cheese tray ever?

Seven Great Kentucky T-Shirts

This is the week of HerKentucky Valentine's Day wish lists. Monday, we showed you a few items the guy on your list is sure to love. Tomorrow, we'll share our top pics for women. Today's list previews gifts any Kentuckian is sure to love: t-shirts.  I mean, who doesn't love t-shirts? You can wear them. You can sleep in 'em. You can even make a quilt out of them. Here are a few great ones that proudly display your love of the Commonwealth.

Louisville Love Letter from Why Louisville

"Dear Louisville, I Love You."  Perfect. Available at or at the Why Louisville stores.

Y'ALL from Kentucky for Kentucky

Great for all of us who can't even try to disguise our accents. Available at Kentucky for Kentucky.

"I Wanna Go Home" from Sundy Best
My hometown's favorite band. This shirt is awesome, even if you haven't yet fallen in love with Sundy Best's down-home rock.

The Crafty Tee from River City Craft Wear

What a great nod to local craft beers! Get it here.

Welcome to Lex Vegas from Etsy Seller Bifftees
I think there's an argument to be made that what happens in Lex Vegas definitely doesn't stay in Lex Vegas. Still, this t-shirt is great.

Keeneland Dress Code from Southern Proper 

I love these! The perennial prep retailer Southern Proper has teamed with the Keeneland Gift Shop for these adorable shirts that bring you his and her "Dress Codes" for the track.

If you're still looking for the perfect t-shirt to express your Bluegrass State style, visit Louisville-based CafePress to create your own!

Disclosure: HerKentucky is an advertising affiliate for CafePress. All style selections are our own.

The 2014 HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List for the Guy in Your Life

The other day, I ran across the perfect little Valentine's Day present for my beau. I mean, how cute is this Hadley Pottery coaster? It's collectible, it's something we can use year after year...

...And it would totally be a gift from me to me. My fiancé doesn't exactly share my affinity for Louisville's artisanal blue-and-white pottery.  So, I started thinking of gifts that he'd actually like. And thus, the 2014 HerKentucky Valentine's Day Wish List for the Guy in Your Life was born. Here are some presents that are as quirky, fantastic, and uniquely Kentucky as the guy in your life.

Balls of Steel Whiskey Coolers
A few weeks ago, I got an email from the Balls of Steel company. Yes, that's the product's actual name. I mentioned it to my fiancé, and his immediate response was: "We must have some of those. Now." It turns out that Balls of Steel are stainless steel whiskey coolers that allow you to enjoy your beverage at the perfect temperature without diluting it.  Not only do they have a name you can't forget, but they fund a great cause.

15% of the purchase price of every set of Balls of Steel will go to testicular cancer research. What a great idea! The name will certainly catch your guy's attention, the donation is much needed, and the coolers can chill a variety of beverages, from a run-of-the-mill soda to the finest glass of Pappy.

Pappy & Co Flask
Speaking of the finest glass of Pappy, this Smathers & Branson flask will wow any bourbon drinker on your list. It's just gorgeous, and it sends the message that your guy only drinks the best.

Kentucky for Kentucky Ball Cap

Of course, I could just list "Everything in the Kentucky for Kentucky collection" as a must-have, but this vintage-style cap is just so fun!

Maker's Mark Label Upcycled Bow Tie
I saw this bow tie in a gift basket at a silent auction this weekend, and was just smitten. How fun for the Maker's lover or bow tie aficionado in your life! It's by artist Melissa Sinkovic and available via her Etsy store or at Revelry Boutique in Louisville.

J. Peterman 1903 Badger Hair Shaving Brush

A morning shave seems like the most miserable enterprise a man must undertake. Peterman's shaving brush adds elegance to the proceedings.

What are y'all getting your beaux for Valentine's Day?

Valentine Ideas for the Kiddos

Valentine's Day is one of those holidays that always sneaks up on me. Much like my Christmas ideas, I always plan on doing really cute homemade valentines with my girls, and then suddenly it's February 12 and I realize I have nothing prepared.

Luckily, I've saved a few cute homemade ideas over the years, and today I decided I'd make 50 homemade valentines for the kids in my girls' preschool and kindergarten classes. (That's right. Fifty. And that's right, I decided this today. If you're thinking, "Hey Megan, aren't you supposed to be working on your book revisions right now?" You'd be correct, and I'll thank you for not mentioning it again, thank you.)

I thought I'd share these valentines with you too, in the (totally improbable) case that any of you have also been caught off-guard by Valentine's Day this year.

Note: These valentines do require just a bit of work. If you see these and think, "Ain't nobody got time for that!" Never fear--I've also included a few files of strictly free, no-fuss, printable valentines that are super adorable.

Here's what you need:

  • This free printable (There's also a plain version, and it might be fun for kids to color the flowers themselves.)
  • Card stock (I used shimmery card stock, because I don't understand why anyone would choose plain card stock when something sparkly is available, but you do what you want.)
  • Green construction paper (OR green card stock and this leaf printable if you're not as lazy as I am)
  • scissors
  • glue stick
  • sharpie marker
  • Tootsie roll pops

Once you have the printable, it's fairly self explanatory. Print and cut out the flowers. Use scissors to poke a hold in the middle, and stick the tootsie roll pop through it. (You'll need to hold the wrapper fairly tightly around the stick as you push it through.)

Use the green construction paper to make a leaf-like tag for the stem and write "From: Your Child's Name" on them. (Alternatively, print the leaf printable on the green card stock and then cut the leafs out and write your child's name on them. I decided fifty flowers were plenty enough to cut out and I would become a violent, angry person if I had to cut out fifty little leaves too. So I just cut fifty little straight-edged tags. Voila!) Glue the leaf/tag to the stem. I pushed my tags up pretty far so they'd also serve as a stopper to keep the flowers from slipping down the stem.

Skip To My Lou has several free printable valentines, as well as printables and crafts for other holidays. It's one of my favorite web sites--be sure to check it out if you're into that kind of thing!!

As promised, here are a few free, printable valentines that require no extra work aside from cutting them out! (Be sure to explore the sites they're from, because there's lots of cute stuff on there!)


A J. Peterman Wish List for your Sweetheart

Once upon a time, the most magical store you can ever imagine existed out on Richmond Road. A treasure trove of one-of-a-kind pieces, and meticulously crafted items that harkened to a more romantic era. Whenever I was feeling stressed, I would head out to J. Peterman and play make-believe, just for a few minutes.

The beautiful flagship store is long-gone, but the famed Peterman catalog remains, offering up the romantic imagery of Gatsby and Hemingway. Beyond the pretty imagery, though, you'll find some really amazing products in the J. Peterman catalog. The timeless, well-constructed classics simply get better with age. Peterman products are free of logos and unnecessary adornment; they simply let your good taste shine through.

This Valentine's Day, here are my J.Peterman favorites for the man in your life. These gorgeous, unique pieces will make any beau feel loved!

Donegal Cardigan Sweater

A timeless Irish wool sweater. Perfect for cozy days.

Counterfeit Mailbag

One of those pieces that's just going to get better with age.

Baseball Glove Wallet

Unassuming and fun. And quite beautiful as well.

Bay Rum

A classic, spicy fragrance.

American Baseball Sleeves
Basically, the perfect weekend shirt.

What's on your beau's wish list?

Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Comfy: Top, Jeans, Shoes
Casual: Dress, Scarf, Shoes
Dressy: Fur, Dress, Shoes

What are you wearing this Valentine's Day? 

Valentine's Day Karaoke?

How does your family celebrate Valentine's Day? I admit that I'm not one for chocolates, flowers or jewelry. This, reportedly, is one of my husband's favorite things about me. Instead of the Hallmark cards, the fancy dinners and the declarations of undying love, this is how my family celebrates Valentine's Day.
Yes. We are different, even a little weird sometimes. We have started a tradition of having a karaoke party in celebration of Valentine's Day. Don't ask how we got started, or why the party pictures above had an Adult Prom theme to it, but there's just about nothing my family loves to do more than sing. Some of us are very, very good at it. Others, like me, can't carry a tune in a bucket but love to sing.

Every year, we rent a sound system from the Doo Wop Shop, my uncle brings his fancy karaoke machine and microphones and we all take turns singing our favorites and hogging the mic. 

Nothing says love like singing "Family Tradition" with your dad and uncles, right?