Seven Great Kentucky T-Shirts

This is the week of HerKentucky Valentine's Day wish lists. Monday, we showed you a few items the guy on your list is sure to love. Tomorrow, we'll share our top pics for women. Today's list previews gifts any Kentuckian is sure to love: t-shirts.  I mean, who doesn't love t-shirts? You can wear them. You can sleep in 'em. You can even make a quilt out of them. Here are a few great ones that proudly display your love of the Commonwealth.

Louisville Love Letter from Why Louisville

"Dear Louisville, I Love You."  Perfect. Available at or at the Why Louisville stores.

Y'ALL from Kentucky for Kentucky

Great for all of us who can't even try to disguise our accents. Available at Kentucky for Kentucky.

"I Wanna Go Home" from Sundy Best
My hometown's favorite band. This shirt is awesome, even if you haven't yet fallen in love with Sundy Best's down-home rock.

The Crafty Tee from River City Craft Wear

What a great nod to local craft beers! Get it here.

Welcome to Lex Vegas from Etsy Seller Bifftees
I think there's an argument to be made that what happens in Lex Vegas definitely doesn't stay in Lex Vegas. Still, this t-shirt is great.

Keeneland Dress Code from Southern Proper 

I love these! The perennial prep retailer Southern Proper has teamed with the Keeneland Gift Shop for these adorable shirts that bring you his and her "Dress Codes" for the track.

If you're still looking for the perfect t-shirt to express your Bluegrass State style, visit Louisville-based CafePress to create your own!

Disclosure: HerKentucky is an advertising affiliate for CafePress. All style selections are our own.

A Louisville Stoneware Holiday Wish List

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to tour the Louisville Stoneware factory.

It was so fun to learn about the pottery I've collected for years. It was really cool to see the actual raw clay that is transformed into beautiful pottery.

As I watched clay being purified, softened, and molded, I felt like a little kid on one of those candy factory tours they used to show on Mr. Rogers. I had a million questions about the production process, and I was thrilled to see some amazing pieces I recognized from my own collection. (Which I'm talking about today over at The Mint Julep Diary.)

While I toured the factory, I found some really great holiday gift ideas that I thought I'd share with y'all.

This coffee mug proclaims "I'd rather be drinking bourbon" and, well, wouldn't we all? It's a great gift for the bourbon lover on your holiday list.

These gorgeous ornaments reflect your favorite city, your college team, or your holiday spirit. 

These holly graffiti julep cups are filled with locally-produced soy candles and would make a fantastic holiday gift.

And I couldn't decide on a favorite among all the salt and pepper shakers; each set was cuter than the last.

 I was particularly partial to the Wildcats and the Colonels.

If you're in Louisville for holiday shopping, stop by the Stoneware factory at 731 Brent Street for amazing, one-of-a-kind Kentucky-made gifts. You can also order online at

Thanks so much to Louisville Stoneware for hosting me for a tour! I had a blast!

A J. Peterman Wish List for your Sweetheart

Once upon a time, the most magical store you can ever imagine existed out on Richmond Road. A treasure trove of one-of-a-kind pieces, and meticulously crafted items that harkened to a more romantic era. Whenever I was feeling stressed, I would head out to J. Peterman and play make-believe, just for a few minutes.

The beautiful flagship store is long-gone, but the famed Peterman catalog remains, offering up the romantic imagery of Gatsby and Hemingway. Beyond the pretty imagery, though, you'll find some really amazing products in the J. Peterman catalog. The timeless, well-constructed classics simply get better with age. Peterman products are free of logos and unnecessary adornment; they simply let your good taste shine through.

This Valentine's Day, here are my J.Peterman favorites for the man in your life. These gorgeous, unique pieces will make any beau feel loved!

Donegal Cardigan Sweater

A timeless Irish wool sweater. Perfect for cozy days.

Counterfeit Mailbag

One of those pieces that's just going to get better with age.

Baseball Glove Wallet

Unassuming and fun. And quite beautiful as well.

Bay Rum

A classic, spicy fragrance.

American Baseball Sleeves
Basically, the perfect weekend shirt.

What's on your beau's wish list?