Patti's 1880's Settlement

That we have come this far in our journey together and not yet talked about Patti's is either a testament to the restaurant's ubiquity or my failure as a guide to all things Western Kentucky.

Patti's is a DESTINATION. In 1975, it started as a family burger joint attached to a six unit hotel. Over time it has grown to two restaurants, a full size hotel, shops, petting zoo, and park that serve over 350,000 people a year.

Located in Grand Rivers, Kentucky, what made Patti's famous was the pork chop.

It's slap your momma good and when accompanied by Patti's bread in a pot with strawberry butter. Well... wear loose fitting clothes is all I'm saying because THEN there's dessert. A veritable smorgasbord of pies and cakes but, if you're asking an expert (AKA me!), skip it all and go for the world famous Bill's Boat Sinker. 

The Boat Sinker a rich, dark double fudge pie topped with coffee ice cream, piled high with whipped cream, "drizzled" with chocolate syrup and topped with a cherry. It is FANTASTIC.

Did I mention that all this delicious food is served to you by waiters and waitresses in "traditional" 1880's garb and they sing "Let me call you sweetheart" to anyone celebrating an anniversary?

Y'all, it's an experience.

If you're planning a visit, summer is always good so you can stop by Kentucky Lake while you're there. However, if you're making a special trip, then Christmas is the time to go. The entire park is strung with more lights and every room in the restaurant is decorated with a different holiday theme.

It, as we say in the South, a SIGHT.

We went to Patti's for my senior prom and I've celebrated many a holiday season there as well. I take my own children there to celebrate birthdays and family occasions. It was the first place I took my best friend when she flew all the way from New York City for a visit.

On the phone with her mother in Connecticut, my friend told her mother, who has never been to the South, she was eating the best pork chop of her life.

"Are you at Patti's?!?" her mother replied.

Word gets around is all I'm saying.

~ Sarah Stewart Holland