The Madness Begins

Today I was off work and had to run a few errands as I've been out of town the past couple of days for work. I planned on a quick run to the grocery store, which I knew was a ridiculous notion since it's the day before Thanksgiving. Prior to going to the grocery, I thought I would go get some new eyeglasses I've needed for a while now. Yeah, dumb move.

If you're in Lexington, you know what I am going to lament about: that stretch of Nicholasville Road between New Circle and Man O'War. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, it is a complete disaster with bumper-to-bumper traffic, idiots who don't know how to merge, ill-timed traffic lights, and a test of people's brake lights. This is because it's where Fayette Mall resides, along with other holiday favorites like Best Buy and Target. Pure insanity.

My eye doctor is also located in the "stabby zone," therefore I nearly lost my marbles dodging out-of-town license plates, people who ignore traffic signals, and those waiting on a green light to make a perfectly legal right-on-red-as-long-as-you-yield.

Nerves frazzled, I'm now making it a point to avoid the stabby zone for the next 5 weeks. I advise you do as well.