In Photos: My Quilts

When I was growing up, I thought everyone had a stack of quilts in their closet.

Some were used on the beds, and some were used to just throw around. 
Max models a Lilly Pulitzer patchwork. 
Sometimes, you used a quilt as a picnic blanket.
Double Wedding Ring.
Sometimes, you used a quilt to pack furniture when you moved.
Grandmother's Flower Garden.
Only in recent years have I realized that my grandmother has sewn me an entire gallery of heirloom art.
Dresden Plate.

And some will be used,
"Scarlett's Barbecue."
while others are displayed,
Morning Glory
and still others serve a utility.
Max's very own quilt.

Sophie gets her diva on.

But they all remind me of my Appalachian heritage
UK Patchwork