Louisville Pizza

Yesterday, Megan posted about those awesome breadsticks from Papa John's.  What she said is so true; sometimes it's hard to remember that the big national pizza chain started in Louisville.  They're simply everywhere!  Megan got me thinking about the first time I ever ate at a Papa John's.  In a very Kentucky moment, I was spending the summer at Centre College for the Governor's Scholars Program.  When I "discovered" the Danville Papa John's,  I didn't realize that the next twenty years of meetings, study groups and ball games would feature orders from Papa John's, nor did I realize the Louisville connection.  I simply loved that garlic butter.

Louisville has always been a pizza town to me.  In addition to the ubiquitous Papa John's empire, some of my all-time favorite slices of pizza can be found along Bardstown Road.  Now, Louisville doesn't have a signature pizza style, like New York or Chicago.  It does, however, have a well-established foodie movement and an unwavering commitment to local foods and products.  You can always find high-quality ingredients and a well-constructed slice.  Here are a few of my favorites:

Wick's Pizza, Baxter Avenue.
Wick's Pizza
Ask any true Louisvillian, and they'll tell you that Wick's is the place to go for huge, deep-dish pizza smothered in quality ingredients.  Their pepperoni is so fresh and spicy that you'll wonder if you've ever eaten pepperoni before.  A funky, laid-back atmosphere (there's often a live band).  Five locations across the Louisville area, but the Highlands location is where you want to go.  

The Douglass Loop location -- located next to a Graeter's, just in case you're still hungry -- is one of my favorite pizza places in town.  Fat Jimmy's offers a light, delicate slice of pizza with a sweetly tangy tomato sauce.  This is a fantastic lunch pizza.  

Impellizzeri's has the best true Sicilian-style pizza in town.  A  Louisville staple, Imp's is an amazing place to dine al fresco with a chalice of Stella.  (The salads, breadsticks, and dining room are all pretty nice, too!)

Spinelli's offers big Brooklyn-style pizzas, and has distinguished itself in the fun Highlands neighborhood by offering late-night delivery (until 4:30 a.m.)  and even later dine-in options (until 5 a.m.).  Everybody's ordered Spinelli's at some point, even if everyone hasn't been brave enough to try their signature fried Oreos.

What is your favorite Louisville Pizza?