Papa John's Pizza

I often forget that Papa John's Pizza is a Kentucky based company.  I will find myself craving their bread sticks and dipping sauce just about every week.  In my opinion, their bread sticks are the best out there!

Papa John's Pizza was actually started in Jeffersonville, Indiana (right across the river from Louisville) by John Schnatter.  

I have a friend who worked at the Papa John's Corporate office in Louisville, KY.  I went to visit her one day and she treated me to lunch at the PJ corporate headquarters.  They have free pizza and bread sticks for all of the employees.  It's actually pretty cool if you think about it, and could probably be dangerous working there. 

Papa John's also funded the Papa John's Cardinals Stadium in Louisville, Kentucky.  I have been to many games there where I would scarf down some breadsticks (are you seeing a theme yet).

Okay, gotta go order some bread sticks now! Until next time ...