The 2012 NBA Draft Lottery

Excuse me while I go all sports-fan on you for a moment. 

Last night was the NBA draft lottery. This makes one of the two nights I'm interested in the NBA in any way. The other night? The actual draft.

That's because I'm a college basketball fan, through and through. The bright lights, big paychecks and even bigger egos of the professional basketball world don't appeal to me in any way. Pretty much, I watch the draft lottery and the draft, itself. Any other information I know about the NBA comes to me through former UK players' tweets and some random SportsCenter pieces where I forget that I hate the NBA and pay attention.

However, last night's draft lottery has a big impact on some people that I care a lot about - namely, some guys named Davis, Kidd-Gilchrist, Miller, Jones, Lamb & Teague. I'm just not feeling our boy Eloy's prospects. He'll be a great overseas player, though!

It looks like Anthony Davis, at least, can already start shopping for homes in the Big Easy. The Charlotte New Orleans Hornets won the first draft pick in the lottery last night. They'd be crazy not to choose the big man from Kentucky. First of all, he's pretty much been named All-Universe at this point. Second, look at his record for playing in New Orleans! Obviously, he likes the town and the arena. He won a national championship there!

The Charlotte Bobcats, a team that even I know is terrible (Dude, they were 7-59 last season. Let that sink in.), has the number 2 draft pick. Surely, surely, their owner recognizes that you can build a team back to greatness around a kid like Michael Kidd-Gilchrist. I'm pretty sure Michael Jordan recognizes talent when he decides to look away from the mirror. MKG has talent, maturity and the willingness to do what it takes to be a team player. Look at how he bought in to Coach Cal's system. He was totally willing to sacrifice his spot in the starting lineup in the hopes that it could give the necessary spark to get a teammate (Miller) out of a post-season slump.

Beyond the top two picks, I have no idea where the other Wildcats will end up. 

I don't know a team who couldn't use the biggest heart in college basketball. If an owner happens to read this, let me tell you: DARIUS MILLER IS YOUR GUY. He played and excelled for a shitty coach. He played and excelled even further for a great coach. He's had experience playing and dealing with star-studded teams. Also? You should pay him lots of dough because I plan (maybe not-so-secretly) for him to be my next husband.

I'd love for the Blazers - with the 6th pick - to pick up T. Jones. I know how much he loves his mama, and he could buy her a fatty house in Portland. They'd be right at home, and don't you know that Terrence would be extra-active in a community that he's called home? He'd be the hometown hero and breathe some life back into the Rose Garden. Also? I'd like to see him put a bird on something.

I'd love to see a duo of Doron Lamb and John Wall in Washington, D.C. (although, I doubt the Wizards - with that third pick - would choose Lamb). That would be some lights-out-shooting that could be fun to watch.

As for Marquis Teague, I think he would do well on a team with unselfish guards that are willing to be a mentor for him. In my opinion, he'd have done well to get another season of college ball under his belt, and that is not a selfish wish. He needs some maturity in his on-court decision making. Also, having another year with Coach Cal could never hurt a guard, I don't think. Regardless, I think he'll eventually do well in the League.

Where do you think this year's crop of NBA Cats will end up?