HerKentucky Charity: Woodford Humane Society

I'm a dog person.

(Ok, I'm one of those ridiculous people who's always photographing her dogs, pampering her dogs, having quilts hand-made for her dogs, and generally making a fool of herself whenever dogs are involved. To-may-to, To-mah-to. Whatever.)

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Over the holiday weekend, I found myself in a situation where my crazy dog-person heart was just breaking for a sweet and beautiful dog. She was a timid, gorgeous pit bull who'd basically been given to a family acquaintance for breeding purposes. Here she was, a week postpartum, hot and exhausted, and feeding eight puppies. Her old owners didn't want her. She was being given plenty of food and water, and a good bit of attention, but it wasn't like she was home. As I looked into her blue-grey eyes, I wanted to tell her it was okay.  I wanted to tell her that she and her babies wouldn't be subjected to all of the fear and misinformation that arises in relation to her breed.  Mainly, I just wanted to fix things for her.

Now, my beau has had to tell me time and again that I can't rescue all the dogs, no matter how much I'd like to.  We've rescued two high-energy, high-maintenance dogs, and that's really all that we can handle right now.  (But don't think we didn't consider it.)  Since it wouldn't have been feasible for me to personally save this sweet girl, I found myself wishing that she and her babies lived a whole lot closer to Woodford Humane Society.  I have every faith that they could help her find the loving home she deserves.

 Located just outside Lexington, in the Woodford County town of Versailles, the Woodford Humane Society is a non-profit animal adoption center that cares for the animal population of Central Kentucky.  Fueled completely by private donations, Woodford Humane has an open-door policy, which means that they take in all animals, regardless of breed, temperament, health, or age.   "Regardless of breed" doesn't just mean dogs or cats -- the shelter houses rabbits, birds, pigs, and as you'd expect from the Bluegrass State, horses. The WHS commitment to placing animals is truly astonishing. The national average for animal shelter home placement is 25%; since 2007, WHS has found homes for an average of 97% of their animals.

Woodford Humane maintains its commitment to first-rate animal care through year-round fundraisers, including the Limited Editions calendar, the Woodford Wag 5K, and the Freedom Fest. Please consider donating to Woodford Humane, fostering a pet, or adopting a new friend today.  You don't have to be a crazy dog person to make a difference!