HerKentucky Loves Jennifer Lawrence!

Yesterday, Sarah posted a list of things she's loving about Kentucky right now. One in particular stood out for me -- Jennifer Lawrence. As a huge fan of the Academy Awards (and films in general), I've loved all the attention surrounding the Louisville native and Best Actress winner. Let's briefly recap Ms. Lawrence's Big Night:

She showed up in an amazing Dior Haute Couture dress.

When she was announced as the winner of one of the Academy's most prestigious awards, she had a slight stumble.

Which she good-naturedly laughed away in her acceptance speech.

She played the press beautifully, giving a charming interview, accompanied by a little sass. Then, she flirted with Jack Nicholson.

Let me say that again. She flirted with Jack Nicholson.

It was a fairy tale night for the beautiful Kentuckian. And what did she do the next day?

She went back to work.

Needless to say, here at HerKentucky we have a bit of a girl crush on Ms. Lawrence.