Things I'm Loving About Kentucky Right NOW

We only have a few days of February left. Valentine's Day is behind us but there is still a little bit of time to think about love. Last year, I focused on the romantic aspect of the month and rounded up spots in Kentucky to be with the one you love. This year I'm taking a broader view. Kentucky can be romantic but there are a lot of things I'm loving about our state this very moment that has nothing to do with romance.

So, here you go. My latest Kentucky interests, fascinations, and obsessions.

* A Kentucky Oscars!

* All the Ashley Judd Senate race speculation.  No surprise here. I'm liberal and I love Ashley Judd. However, beyond that I just love a good old fashion horse race (I am a Kentuckian after all!) and I love the idea of someone giving Good Ole Mitch a run for his money.

* Erin Smallwood Wathan (you may also know her as my grand-big sister!) joining the ranks of herKentucky!

* The Kentucky for Kentucky guys keep kicking ass.

* Spring is my favorite time of year in Kentucky and it is SO SO CLOSE.

* The insane popularity of bourbon...even if it has caused some growing pains.

What are you loving about Kentucky right now?

~ Sarah Stewart Holland