Hoops and Horses

Spring in the Bluegrass seems to have brought some interesting things this year.

  1. Lack of UK Men's basketball in the NCAA Tournament
  2. UK Hoops (Women) making it to the NCAA Tourney Sweet 16
  3. Snow
I will leave the basketball commentary to our more sports-inclined writers. And luckily for you, I won't spend the next few hundred words writing about how awful snow in late March is. Instead, I'll share something that IS consistent with spring: Keeneland.

Next Friday is opening day of the 2013 Spring Meet at Keeneland, and it comes at a time where we're ready to bust out of our houses in springy dresses and sunglasses. We look forward to betting on gorgeous thoroughbreds and sipping on bourbon in the sunshine. 

If you're like me, you've been shopping with Keeneland in mind. Thankfully florals are a huge trend right now, as is the Pantone color the year, Emerald. This means a plethora of options for the month of April and days spent in the sun.

If the sun and temperatures don't cooperate with our outfits, remember to just layer some tights, keep your boots out, and add a cardigan and wool coat over your flowered frock. Keeneland is one spring tradition that should never be broken.