Kentucky Connections

Last week, I was trying to book a flight to Chicago from work. For a while, I contemplated driving as Chicago is only 6 hours from Lexington. Did you know that 2/3 of the US population can be reached within one days driving from Lexington?

If you prefer to travel by air, there are also many direct flight options from both Lexington (LEX) and Louisville (SDF) airports, as well as from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati Airport (CVG) which is technically a Kentucky airport as well. I'm a little less familiar with CVG's direct flights as they lost about half of their flights when Delta stopped operating there as a hub. Major sad face.

Direct flights from Lexington (LEX), although I think Las Vegas is about to go away.
Direct flights from Louisville (SDF) - newest addition is SDF to Grand Bahama Island
In the end, I chose to get a fare for less than $200 direct from SDF to O'Hare (ORD). It only takes about 75 minutes to get to SDF from LEX, and was 1/4 of the cost of the LEX direct flights. I also booked a direct flight from LEX to New York (LaGuardia - LGA) for less than $300.

So while I love the Bluegrass, it's nice to be able to conveniently escape to so many nearby places! 

What would be your favorite direct destination?

Megan's 20 Things

20 Random Things I love about Kentucky:
1.  William T Young Library- spent many days and nights in this beautiful library. 

2.  Chevy Chase Starbucks- I absolutely love this area and spent a lot of time at this establishment.
3.  Woodland Arts Festival- lovely little festival
4.  Arboretum Walking Trail- so many mornings and evenings spent strolling this walking trail.
5.  Freeman Lake- one neat thing about Elizabethtown
6.  Bellini's- love their food
7.  AJ's Casuals- super cute clothes
8.  Elizabethtown Swim and Fitness Center- many memories here
9.  Cheapside Bar and Grill- no explanation needed!

10.  Harvey's- their jukebox is dangerous.
11.  McCarthy's Irish Pub- does the guy with the Russian hat still work the door?
12.  White Hall Classroom Building- University of Kentucky
13. Keeneland- no explanation needed.
14.  Charlie Brown's- love their cheese poppers
15.  Churchill Downs- a Kentucky staple
16.  SDF- always excited to go on trips.
17. Elizabethtown Baptist Church- reppin' my hometown!
18.  Common Grounds Coffee House- lovely little nook to study or hang out

19.  Rosebud- so many memories here
 20.  Austin City Saloon- one word: karaoke ... maybe another word: popcorn