Emmie's 20 Things

Several weeks ago, the HerKentucky contributors each listed their favorite things about Kentucky. I am the turtle in the group, but figure this post is better late than never! There are so many things I love.

Here they are, in no particular order:

  1. Awesome people
  2. Lexington Athletic Club
  3. The pedestrian-friendly Bardstown Road in Louisville
  4. Missy's pies: Served at Lexington-based Ramsey's (not the Louisville Ramsi's) and also available out of their small Ashland Ave. store, these pies are amazing and there are dozens of flavors
  5. Columbia Steakhouse Nighthawk: if you like steak, you must try this
  6. Keeneland: Spring meet is during my birthday and fall meet is during my favorite time of the year
  7. Woodland Art Fair in Lexington
  8. Southern Lights at the Kentucky Horse Park
  9. Graeters ice cream: yes, they're Cincinnati based, but they're coming back to Lexington soon. Raspberry Chocolate Chip is ridiculous
  10. Bluegrass Tavern: nothing fancy about this bar, but it's near Cheapside and I've had great memories there
  11. US60: The drive from Versailles Road to I-64. Gorgeous horse farms lining the drive.
  12. Coffee Times: Lexington coffee house I've gone to for over 12 years
  13. Bourbon
  14. Kentucky basketball
  15. Brunch at Winchell's
  16. The Legacy Trail
  17. Lexington Farmers Market on Saturdays when it's outside
  18. Chrisman Mill Winery - where I got married
  19. Lexington Corn Maze at Kelley Farms
  20. (and 21.) Ramsey's (Lexington) and Ramsi's (Louisville). 

More Favorite Things!

Last week, we asked y'all to list some favorite Kentucky things.  My sorority sister Becca -- an ordained Disciples of Christ minister and Trimble County native -- provided a thoughtful list that I thought I'd share.  Thanks for the beautiful list, Becca!! -- HCW

Cane Ridge Meeting House
1. Transylvania University (of course)

2. The Cane Ridge Meeting house, near Paris Kentucky-- this is the birthplace of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), my denomination. 

3. Mary Ann Saunders Chapel at Lexington Theological Seminary

4. Central Christian Church (seriously has the most beautiful sanctuary)

5. That moment right before the Run for the Roses when everyone sings My Old Kentucky Home. I cry every time.

Calumet Farm
6. The Horse Farms-- 3 chimneys is my favorite, Calumet is my 2nd favorite

7. Bray's Orchards in Bedford Kentucky-- they have THE BEST PEACHES.

8. US 42. This is the oldest highway in the area and was originaly the primary route between Louisville and Cincinnati-- there are so many neat little towns along the way. Bedford, Carollton, and Ghent being my favorites.

9. The Ohio River-- there is NOTHING as beautiful as driving across the rickety old bridge from Madison Indiana to Milton Kentucky and crossing over the river-- It's the last step on my trips back home to Kentucky from Chicago and it's my sign that I'm home.

10. Sweet Tea

Your Favorite Things

Source: etsy.com via Heather on Pinterest
Last week, we began our list of our 100 Favorite Kentucky Things. We listed our favorites in cities and small towns, from the mountains to the Purchase. We learned that the HerKentucky team likes the Seelbach, Cheapside, and horse races a whole lot!

Source: flickr.com via Heather on Pinterest
Now, we want to hear from y'all!  What are your favorite Kentucky things?  We'd love to hear about your favorite restaurants, pastimes, and places!

Source: etsy.com via Heather on Pinterest

Megan's 20 Things

20 Random Things I love about Kentucky:
1.  William T Young Library- spent many days and nights in this beautiful library. 

2.  Chevy Chase Starbucks- I absolutely love this area and spent a lot of time at this establishment.
3.  Woodland Arts Festival- lovely little festival
4.  Arboretum Walking Trail- so many mornings and evenings spent strolling this walking trail.
5.  Freeman Lake- one neat thing about Elizabethtown
6.  Bellini's- love their food
7.  AJ's Casuals- super cute clothes
8.  Elizabethtown Swim and Fitness Center- many memories here
9.  Cheapside Bar and Grill- no explanation needed!

10.  Harvey's- their jukebox is dangerous.
11.  McCarthy's Irish Pub- does the guy with the Russian hat still work the door?
12.  White Hall Classroom Building- University of Kentucky
13. Keeneland- no explanation needed.
14.  Charlie Brown's- love their cheese poppers
15.  Churchill Downs- a Kentucky staple
16.  SDF- always excited to go on trips.
17. Elizabethtown Baptist Church- reppin' my hometown!
18.  Common Grounds Coffee House- lovely little nook to study or hang out

19.  Rosebud- so many memories here
 20.  Austin City Saloon- one word: karaoke ... maybe another word: popcorn

Sarah's 20 Things

  1. Patti's Boat Sinker Pie 
  2. The Judds
  3. Wide open Western Kentucky sky
  4. The Kentucky Derby
  5. Kentucky Lake
  6. Leigh's Barbecue
  7. Old Morrison
  8. bell hooks
  9. Bluegrass music
  10. Abraham Lincoln
  11. Transylvania University
  12. Kern's Kitchen Derby Pie...and the fact that they serve it in the cafeteria at Transy.
  13. Loretta Lynn 
  14. Blue Moon of Kentucky...as sung by just about anyone.
  15. Barbara Kingsolver
  16. The Appalachian Mountains
  17. Wendell Berry
  18. Paducah
  19. Grater's ice cream
  20. Kentuckians
~ Sarah Stewart Holland

Heather's 20 Things

1. Kentucky basketball. Not just the storied Wildcat program-- the sheer love for the game that transcends race, gender, geography, and socioeconomic lines across every little corner of the Commonwealth. From the way everyone congregates at the Hyatt before UK games to the way every high school ball game is a sellout.
3. Dwight Yoakam. He's from Floyd County, and so am I. Even if you don't enjoy his glam-country rockabilly sound (a position I can't personally imagine, but whatevs), you have to love his brilliant acting turns as the husband attending divorce mediation in Wedding Crashers or the abusive drunk in Slingblade.
4. These two houses in Gratz Park. My favorite houses anywhere in the world.
6. The recently departed Gatewood Galbraith -- a true gentleman whose unique voice will be sorely missed in the state political arena.
8. George Clooney. He's a beautiful man.
9. Jenny Wiley Theatre. (We're not going to discuss the whole "moving to Pikeville" thing. I can't talk rationally about it.)
12. The New Year's Day Pajama Party at Lynn's Paradise Cafe.
14. Discovering Kentucky with my dogs. From Cherokee Park to Ashland's Central Park. From snowy days in the Eastern Kentucky mountains to sunny Saturdays on Molly Malone's patio.
Baby Max in Cherokee Park, 2007.
16. The Kentucky Governor's Scholars Program. Where I met my future husband, though it would take me more than a decade to figure it out.  Where so many friendships, partnerships, and relationships were sealed.  Where at least one friend's husband learned to crochet.
18. Kentucky politics. Hilarious. Fascinating. Infuriating.
19. Cheapside.
20. Derby Glasses.