Lilly Pulitzer Commemorates the Lexington Junior League Horse Show

The 77th Annual Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show kicks off tonight at 6:30 at the Red Mile
Image via Lexington Junior League
Now, as I've said many times, both here on HerKentucky and elsewhere, Horse Show is my very favorite charity event in the Commonwealth. There's absolutely nothing else like it, and it's so uniquely "Kentucky"-- not only is it a significant fundraiser for the Junior League, it's also an elaborate, week-long Saddlebred horse show. In recent years, the event has become the world's largest outdoor Saddlebred show; it even serves as the first jewel in Saddlebred's Triple Crown. In addition to the various shows, there are nightly special events and an elaborate vendor hall full of equestrian-themed gifts. It's a fixture in Lexington's summer. And, I can honestly say that I've never seen more Lilly Pulitzer in one place.

Our friends at The Peppermint Palm know that Lilly and Horse Show go hand in hand, too. I recently chatted with Katherine Anderson, of the Lexington Peppermint Palm location. Katherine, who's also a member of the Lexington League, told me that she'd been inspired by the limited edition t-shirts that Lilly Pulitzer created for the Carolina Cup steeplechase event. When the folks from Lilly headquarters were in Lexington for a special shopping event with League members, a great idea was born. The designers at Lilly came up with a gorgeous t-shirt commemorating this year's horse show. 

image via Peppermint Palm.
When I stopped by The Peppermint Palm the other day to pick up my shirt, I simply fell in love. The Horse Show ribbon design on the front of the shirt is so richly detailed, and the Palm Girl (the new mascot for the Peppermint Palm -- I hear they're still deciding on her name...) icon is just gorgeous. Then again, I wouldn't expect anything less from the Lilly team. The best part? A portion of the sale of each t-shirt goes directly to the Lexington Junior League, funding their remarkable work across Central Kentucky. 

I love this idea: a gorgeous, limited edition t-shirt you'll actually wear which actually contributes to a great cause. All that for $25. You can contact The Peppermint Palm via their Facebook page to order your own.

If you're heading to the Horse Show this week, here's a link to the schedule of events.

Tis the season for... shopping events!

There are two awesome holiday shopping events going on in Lexington this week. Get ready to shop!

One of the brightest gems in Lexington is house by jsd. This design trio and associated store is full of Kentucky charm and whimsy all year long, but as the weather gets colder, it turns into a Christmas wonderland. Each November, house has their Christmas Open House, where everything is 20% off. Not only can you find the most amazing trimmings for your tree, you can also find beautiful, unique gifts. Check out this video - I dare you not to get into a Christmas spirit afterwards:

Christmas Open House, November 5-10
250 Walton Ave
Lexington, KY 40502
Monday-Friday 10am-5pm
Saturday 10-4pm

Next up is the Junior League of Lexington Holly Day Market. Not only is this a beautiful shopping event with lots of variety, it is also the second biggest fundraiser for the Junior League of Lexington, which funds grants for non-profits in Central Kentucky. In 2012, they awarded $40,000 in grants.

Here is a full list of Holly Day Market merchants. There are also several events per day that are great for adults (wine tastings) and children (Santa) alike!

This years Holly Day Market will be November 9-11 at the Alltech Arena at the Kentucky Horse Park. Tickets are $8.

Hours: 7-10pm Thursday; 9am -7pm Friday; 9am-5pm Saturday; 11am-5pm Sunday

Do you plan on visiting either event?

Junior League Horse Show

Most good Southern girls have worked what seems like countless volunteer shifts at countless charity events. We've sold cookbooks and raffle tickets. We've led tours of homes and we've decorated for holiday markets. And we've gone to more dinners than we can even remember. They all seem to run together after a while. But nobody can ever claim that Horse Show is anything but unique. The Lexington Junior League Charity Horse Show, which takes place this week at the Red Mile Race Track, is unlike any other charity event you'll ever attend. For one thing, it's huge: now in it's seventy-sixth year, it's the world's largest outdoor Saddlebred horse show. It's also a really big deal, serving as the first jewel in the Saddlebred Triple Crown.
I've had the pleasure of volunteering at a few Horse Shows, and I have to say it's one of the most entertaining and unique events I've ever attended. Even if you know nothing about Saddlebreds or show events, it's an amazing spectacle. The delightful historic track and the show's pageantry provide a charmingly anachronistic evening. It's the kind of event where you see four generations of a family turn out to enjoy the show, and I've honestly never seen more Lilly Pulitzer prints under one roof!
Y'all should head out to the Red Mile for the remaining sessions of the Horse Show. I promise you've never seen a charity event like it!

Kentucky Places: The Bodley-Bullock House

It just isn't summer in Lexington until you've attended a wedding at the Bodley-Bullock House.
Photo via Junior League of Lexington
The 1814 mansion, with its Federal and Greek Revival details, is located in the heart of Lexington's Gratz Park Neighborhood and is a perennial favorite event space for Lexington brides. 
Gratz Park houses, next door to the Bodley-Bullock.
The Bodley-Bullock House was built for Lexington mayor Thomas Pindell, and was most notably owned by General Thomas Bodley, a War of 1812 hero, and Dr. Waller Bullock, a prominent Lexington physician.   Upon the passing of Dr. Bullock and his wife Minnie, the home was left in trust to Transylvania University and was renovated by the Junior League of Lexington in 1984.  It is used as both the Junior League Headquarters and a rentable event space. The house is similar in architecture and decor to many other Gratz Park-area houses, including the Hunt-Morgan House.
View from the window of Minnie Bullock's bedroom
This weekend, I attended a family wedding at the Bodley-Bullock House.  The dramatic staircase and old-fashioned touches provided an absolutely stunning backdrop.
My gorgeous cousin Amy

I've attended dozens of weddings at the venue. I've put in my share of Junior League meetings and picnics there as well.  It's always been one of those comfortable, friendly houses that just embodies Old Lexington, and it's always been rumored to be just a little bit haunted.  The best houses always are.

Looks like the bride and I inadvertantly disregarded Miss Minnie's wishes. 
I recently ran across an interesting anecdote about the Bodley-Bullock House.  It seems that the late Mrs. Minnie Bullock was not only a community leader, but also a vehement teetotaler.  Apparently, the original terms of her will provided that alcohol could not be consumed in her home, even after her passing.  It seems that this provision was later changed, to Miss Minnie's dismay -- it's said that her ghost has been known to flicker lights and crack tables when she doesn't like the happenings in her home.  Now,  I've had more than my share of celebratory toasts in this venue, so I hope Miss Minnie can forgive me.  Rumor has it that Dr. Bullock wasn't above kidding Miss Minnie about her temperance beliefs; he hung a portrait of the "town drunk", William "King" Solomon, in their home, where it still remains.

The Bodley-Bullock House is a charming example of Lexington's old Downtown.  I so enjoyed Miss Minnie's hospitality this weekend, and I do hope she can look past my bubbly endulgence!