Happy New Year from HerKentucky!

2013 was a huge year for the HerKentucky team.

Our writers were everywhere.  Megan's dream of writing fiction became a fantastic reality. Shannon's fiction was featured in not one, but two literary magazines. Two of Sarah's essays -- about gender disappointment and rising tuition costs -- were featured on the Huffington Post. Emily's inspiring story of body image and weight struggles was featured in Ladies' Home Journal. Erin's essay was featured in the anthology This I Believe: Kentucky.

We had a lot going on personally as well. Glenda was a fierce warrior for her daughter's health. Erin and her family moved to a new church and a new part of the country. I moved to Louisville and realized that everything isn't quite where I left it. Liz said goodbye to her beloved NYC as Dr. Hotpants took the next steps in his surgical career. Sarah and her husband renewed their wedding vows on their 10th wedding anniversary.

As we reflect on all the changes of the past year, we're excited to share new stories with HerKentucky's readers in 2014. We look forward to telling you of our newest goals and dreams. We want to share the stories of Kentucky women who have followed their dreams both professionally and personally. We're excited to spend another year bringing you the best of Kentucky life.

Happy 2014 from HerKentucky!

What are your goals for the New Year?

New Ways of Thinking

The New Year means new resolutions, great ambitions, and setting yourself up for about two weeks of success. I don't say this to be cynical, I say it because it's pretty much the truth. What can we do to make our changes stick around? If you have the answer, feel free to share in the comments!

A big focus I want to have this year is to flip my way of thinking about things. I want to stay things with positive intentions instead of with fear or reflecting on past mistakes.
image from Wander Postcard Project
So for example:

  • Instead of: "My workout sucked today." I could think: "I am so glad I got a workout in today."
  • Instead of: "I wish I were as lucky as that new author." I could think: "It's great news that the publishing industry is opening up more to new authors."
  • Instead of: "Man I wish I did this job earlier." I could think: "I work great under pressure."
Perhaps these are overly simple examples, but they are all part of my new way of thinking. Here's to 2013!