Celebrate April Fools' Day with Kentucky-themed Tervis Tumblers!

So, April Fools' Day isn't my favorite.

My humor has never run toward pranks, puns, and cheap jokes. Plus, it's April 1st -- that means my total attention is turned toward sports. The NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is wrapping up. Keeneland's Opening Day is mere moments away. And, a whole lot of my friends are starting to focus on baseball. I can barely let real life intrude on my thoughts, let alone silly jokes. (Unless it's DeMarcus's CD, natch...)

I do want to let y'all know about an April Fools' event that is no joke. Today only, you can use the code APRILFOOLS on all Tervis Tumbler online orders to receive 20% off your purchase. Since I never, ever have enough Tervises, this is an offer I take pretty seriously.

Here are a few fun Tervis Tumbler Kentucky designs y'all will love!

It's a UK wine glass, y'all. Kind of perfect for when the Wildcats take on Bucky Badger this weekend.

This Derby mug would be perfect for any Kentuckian's office!

The Cardinals fans in my neighborhood have been proudly wearing their red all weekend. I LOVE team loyalty after a close defeat! This U of L Tervis lets you go L's up in style.

 This year's Derby design reminds you that we're only about a month away from the most exciting two minutes in sports!

This UK water bottle is on my short list of upcoming splurge purchases!

And what Kentucky girl doesn't need a pink UK Tervis?

Head over to Tervis today and take advantage of these serious savings!

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Don't you need a new Tervis?

I always tell myself that I have plenty of Tervis Tumblers.

We have beach designs, equestrian themes, and plenty that share our team pride. I always think we have enough. I mean, we can only drink out of one at a time, right?

Then, last night, my beau and I walked through the cutest little store in Oxmoor Center, and we ran across all kinds of fun new UK designs. A few more wouldn't hurt, especially since we're right in the heart of Cardinal country...

I love this chenille design. It looks like the lettering on my dad's high school letter jacket. Such a fun little nostalgic touch!

And these two neon designs? I think I need them, y'all!

I can never get enough Tervis Tumblers. Do y'all collect them too?

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Free Shipping on orders over $75 at www.tervis.com

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Tailgating Wishlist

Two weeks 'till football, y'all.   I don't know about you, but I've had enough pool time and miserable heat.  I'm ready for cooler temperatures, pumpkin spice lattes, and SEC football.  Just think -- we have two more teams to follow this year!  As we head down the home stretch, I've put together a little tailgating wishlist.  Most any Wildcat fan will find something they need here.

I can't wait to try Southern Living's brand-new Official SEC Tailgating Cookbook.  Great food and great football tradition -- this promises to be a perennial fall favorite.

Of course, I would never slip bourbon into the stadium.  But, this Smathers and Branson needlepoint flask is a rather stylish way to do so, if one were so inclined.

LOVE the Wildcat PlaidThis scarf is a stylish, understated way to rep the 'Cats at work or a tailgate.

You can't tailgate without cornhole.

These National Champs Tervis Tumblers are a must.  They keep your drink magically cold, and they commemorate the best day of 2012.

This gorgeous Maxi dress from Modcloth is stylish and looks so comfortable.  And, of course, is just the right shade of blue.

Two weeks.  Go 'Cats!

Gift Guide for Kentucky Dads

The other day, my brother and I were joking about how easy it is to phone it in with Father's Day presents.   I figured that most Americans would opt for a new iPad loaded with the Weber Grill app -- done and done.  This got me thinking about truly unique, Kentucky-themed presents.  Here are a few ideas that I believe your father, husband, etc., will adore.
via Keeneland Gift Shop
If Dad loves racing, Keeneland-logo gear is always appreciated.  This Smathers & Branson needlepoint belt is just gorgeous, a Keeneland Tervis Tumbler is always appreciated, and the Keeneland twill baseball cap is a classic favorite.
via Pennington and Bailes

via BigTimeBats.
The Kentucky fan on your Father's Day list would love these seersucker shorts from Pennington and Bailes or a UK tie from Vineyard Vines.  And how awesome would this National Champs Louisville Slugger be for his office shelf?

Of course, Kentucky has so many local treasures to offer your dad.  My own daddy asked for a round at Lexington's Kearney Hills Golf Links. If Dad isn't a golfer, a trip to a local lake or state park would be fun.  A trip to see the Legends or the Bats is appreciated by the baseball-loving dad.

The foodie dad would appreciate a trip to one of Louisville's incredible restaurants.  I'd suggest Proof on Main for great food, cool atmosphere and fantastic cocktails.  Of course, you can never go wrong with a bottle of bourbon.  Pair dad's favorite bottle with a set of whiskey stones, and you're good to go.

Are there any Kentucky gifts on your Father's Day shopping list?

Been there. Done that. Bought the (National Champs) T-shirt.

It's been two months since we won the Tournament.  Now, that gives a girl plenty of time to shop.  There's been a ton of National Champs merchandise out there, and I've wanted to pick up enough "stuff" to commemorate the event without becoming crazy merchandise hoarding lady.

I've tried to be good.  Really, I have.  I've tried to pick only the pieces that I love.  I've tried not to buy the $7 gas station shirts, despite the fact that (a) they're only $7; and (b) you never know when it'll all be gone. At least, that's how the lady at the random BP station in Knott County tried to sell me one.

It started innocently enough.  I'd been waiting for this email for, oh, three years or so:

And, of course, I had to order one.  I mean, it's a Tervis Tumbler.  That says "Nati8nal Champions." What was I going to do, not order it?  (Even though I would have far preferred if the design had been an embroidered patch rather than the plastic wrap-around thing.)

Of course, there have been plenty of t-shirts.

First, I got this one, because I take my brackets very seriously.  I fill them out in a meticulous and methodical manner.
Image via Wildcat Den

But, this one feels so keepsake-y that I'm afraid to wear it very often. It's so white and pristine; it just seems like it should be put away to commemorate the Big Game.

I recently found this one at a really great price, and I just adore it.  It's a great cut and an awesome fabric.  I love that UK is a Nike school; it makes it so much easier to find high-quality team merchandise!
Image via Wildcat Den.

So far, I've been able to stave off the temptation to pick up "just a few more" National Champs items. The coffee mug in Wal-Mart today was adorable, but I have about a million coffee mugs already.   The golf windbreaker at Macy's is proving harder to resist, as I've only looked at it 5 million or so times.  And, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a must-buy:

Image via Wildcat Den

Have y'all found any good National Champs gear?

Twin Spires

In chocolate.

Up close

On my cocktail
Happy Almost-Derby, y'all!

It's just a cup!

The year was 2007. I was 26 years old, prancing through the aisles of Bed, Bath and Beyond looking for a new trash can. Due to my tendency of wanting the latest and greatest, of course it had to be stainless, and be the most fancy model out there. Don't worry though, I restrained myself from purchasing the one with the automatic lid opener.

But I digress.

In the middle of the aisles - you know, the ones that are hard to navigate your shopping cart around, typically filled with Yankee Candles and "As Seen On TV" items - there was a lady making quite a fuss over something.

"But they're on sale! I can get enough for the entire family. Maybe I can get some for Christmas or birthday gifts!"

I passed her off as being a loud-talker, but of course my shopping mind had to see what the fuss was about.
The Tervis Tumbler
Those of you deeply rooted in Southern tradition might have said "oooh, I get it!" Not me. I looked at them and thought "$15 for a plastic cup? Crazy lady.

I left with my massive, fancy trash can in hand and I forgot all about the cups....

Until next week back on campus at UK (in grad school), I saw these things EVERYWHERE! Then at friends houses, I noticed them. I finally asked what the deal was with the cups.

Friend: *gasp* "You mean my Tervis Tumblers?"
Me: "They have a name?"
Friend: "What planet do you live on?"
Me: "One without one of these cups?"
Friend: *gasp* "it's a tumbler, not a cup!"

And so it went. I was educated on the Tervis Tumbler - the cup that didn't ever get condensation that you could have little "badges" inside for customization, and that you could drink with cold or hot drinks.

A couple of years ago I finally went ultra-Southern and not only bought a Tervis Tumbler, but one with the Lexington Junior League on it.

Today, I saw that Tervis now has a water bottle. Considering this is my current beverage container, perhaps a cute Tervis water bottle would be a good backup?

How many Tervis Tumblers do you have? Do they have any badge/patch things inside of them?